Spreely Social / L1TV Agree to Broadcasting Terms for 2019​

Spreely Social / L1TV Agree to Broadcasting Terms for 2019

Lithia, Florida / December 17, 2018 – Spreely LLC announced today that it will join forces with Liberty One Broadcasting to provide live-stream programming to its social media platform, Spreely.com, beginning in January 2019. Spreely launched in mid-October after the founding partners had over 11 million fans on facebook stolen from them on October 11, which has now become known as the “Great Purge”, an attempt by Facebook to silence conservative voices on their platform prior to the US mid-term elections.

Liberty One TV hosts Chuck Woolery, Rusty Humphries, Will Johnson, Robert Brandt, Lucretia Hughes and Rob Carson will be the first hosts to begin broadcasting exclusive content on the Spreely social media platform. Spreely is currently in negotiations with other networks and hopes to have regular 24-hour programming available soon to its members.

Spreely spokesperson Terry Littlepage said in a statement released on Sunday that in addition to the live-streaming channels, Spreely has several other high-profile enhancements that will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2019.

Spreely is one of the fastest growing social networks to roll out in the aftermath of the scandal-driven exodus of users away from Facebook and Twitter. Spreely expects continued, huge short term growth as information continues to come out about breached security, reckless mishandling of user’s data and arbitrary banning of others who question silicon valley's authority.

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