Charles Barkley’s Heated Take on NFL and National Anthem Protesters

Introducing another former professional athlete who has something to say about President Trump’s actions towards the NFL protests: Mr. Charles Barkley.

Former NBA player Charles Barkley has decided to weigh in on the current drama surrounding the NFL.

With the considerable amount of athletes involved in the national anthem protests after President Trump’s comments on their “disrespect towards the flag,” the NBA Legend could not hold back any longer.

During “The Dan Patric Show” on Monday, Charles Barkley gave his thoughts on the national anthem protests and actions of athlete Steph Curry during his response to President Trump and the elimination of being invited to the White House.

Barkley stated that “he would stand for the national anthem when it came to him personally.”

But he made sure to shut down the stereotypical responses expected from fans that disagreed with what he had to say.

“You know, Dan, you said something earlier and it always annoys me when people say it — you know I've never voted Republican a day in my life. I'm a Democrat and just for the record, Democrats aren't doing anything for black people either.

My mother asked me if we're Republican or Democrat and she said only rich people are Republican. I said, ‘you do know we're rich, right?' People assume — I do want to make that clear. I've always voted Democratic, but they're not doing anything for us either. I want to make that clear.”

Reported by ijr:

Barkley then went on to state that he doesn't understand why the players aren't going into the communities themselves:

“The media has totally hijacked this conversation about who's kneeling, who's not kneeling, who's holding their fist up. I forgot why these guys are doing it. We got a lot of power. We got to use that power in a position way. We can go into some of these communities and do a lot of positive stuff. Don't worry about what the president says.


The players, they got so much money now and got so much influence. We need to take a progressive approach and go into these communities ourselves and try to make a difference.


The players got to say, ‘what can we do collectively?' Let's don't worry about the president, let's don't worry about the media. What can we do individually?


They can go to the owners and say, ‘hey let's go into these communities,' instead of wasting time about kneeling and who's protesting.”

Barkley also was asked about Steph Curry's comments towards the president, which led the Trump taking back his invitation to the Golden State Warriors to visit the White House after winning the NBA Finals:

“Well I think anytime you get an opportunity to go to the White House, it's an honor and a privilege. Don't care who the president is — I think you should go. How many times are you going to get an opportunity to sit down with the president and discuss some issues with him? Not going is over with. It's just giving these guys on TV and radio something to talk about.”

Barkley, who made it clear he was a Democrat and always voted Democrat, didn't hold anything back and made a brilliant point that maybe the players should go make a difference themselves in the communities instead of “wasting their time kneeling.”

Despite being a Democrat, Charles Barkley does bring up a good point.. Professional athletes should go make a difference in the communities in need, instead of “wasting their time kneeling!”


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