Wasserman-Shultz Looking at Potential Criminal Charges, Yet The MSM Has No Interest

Liberty One TV has doggedly reported on the investigation into Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her DNC-IT Guy fraud scandal.  Unfortunately the lapdog corporate media does not find this story newsworthy and continues to ignore it and bury all new developments.

This is a real scandal, unlike the phony charges of Russian collusion and President Trump's imaginary racism.

The truth is that there are real news stories out there but the MSM would rather fabricate fake news.

This Wasserman-Schultz debacle is something you might see in a Jason Bourne movie!

Recent actions by prosecutors in the criminal case against Wasserman-Schultz’ IT guy suggest that they may bring other charges in the cyber security and theft investigation. In fact, the Daily Caller reports that prosecutors are eyeing Wasserman-Schultz herself in the laptop probe.  Just watch this!


(Courtesy of Breaking News Global 24/7 via Youtube.com)

She frantically tried to keep police from looking at  her laptop as part of their investigation. She actually threatened Capitol Police if they didn’t return it to her.  She first claimed the laptop was hers, later claimed that it was Imran Awan’s and she’d never seen it, then it was revealed that the laptop had username RepDWS!

Here’s the movie part:  Imran left this laptop in a phone booth.  I mean, who uses phone booths anymore?  That’s right, investigators were rightfully suspicious, especially because, together with the laptop were copies of his ID, a notebook that said “attorney client privilege” and letters to the U.S. Attorney.

Seen any of this on the MSM, ya’ll?  I know I haven’t.  More and more shadiness, indeed!

Prosecutors just gave copies of the laptop’s hard-drive to Imran’s attorney in discovery. Imran has thus far only been charged with bank fraud but their recent actions suggest they may be about to bring charges in their cyber-security and theft investigation.

Imran had access to to House Democrats’ emails and files during the time he was employed there, before he was banned and arrested.  In addition to cyber-security breaches in our Congress, prosecutors are investigating a possible theft of equipment and ghost employees.

Wow!  Just…Wow!

2 comments on Wasserman-Shultz Looking at Potential Criminal Charges, Yet The MSM Has No Interest

  1. Stan says:

    No fear for Debbie, Sesssions will exonerate her and bury this like he did the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal and all the other FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS scandals preceding .

  2. Dale A. Wood says:

    Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that Debbie Wasserman-Schulz LOOKS like an OLDER Chelise Clinton ??? Can we say – “WHO’S YOUR DADDY???”

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