Trump Gets Last Laugh With Epic Twitter Jab

The Emmy’s 2017 was less like the Emmy’s and was more like another “Never Trump” rally. So many liberal Hollywood celebrities threw shots at the president with little to no care about all the good he has been doing over the past few months and especially weeks.

Thankfully, President Trump had the last laugh in the end after the Emmy’s just got the worst news yet when the ratings were released for the public.

Trump saw this as a perfect moment to get his final revenge on the celebrities who have spent all of their time taunting the president. Here is what He Said:

BOOM! That was an epic take down for those far left radicals disguised as “smart and successful” people.

The reality is, the more and more these people seem to be immersed in the overly liberal culture that is instilled in Hollywood, the more out of touch they begin to get with actual reality.

I’m glad the president got the last laugh on this one because this was KARMA at it’s finest! If you hated the Emmy’s and support our president, give this a SHARE! God Bless!


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