Symone Sanders: White People Aren’t Allowed To Criticize NFL

Most people will agree that the NFL protests have gotten way out of hand. Even the owners who once supported their players protesting the national anthem have begun changing their tune after seeing recent reports on ratings taking a severe nosedive. The NFL has seen a steady decline in television ratings after multiple teams responded to Donald Trump’s comments that any player who decides to kneel should immediately be benched.

After the substantial rise in protests during week 3 many fans responded by taking to social media to record themselves burning their jerseys and swearing off the sport until a change came about. Now more people are recognizing that Donald Trump has once again made a positive change that is sure to anger liberals. Even Steven A. Smith an outspoken host for ESPN has gone on to say,

“He [Trump] is the one that’s winning because he’s turned this into something that the players didn’t intend to. So they’re going to have to find a different mechanism to have their voices heard because Trump has won this round.”

CNN has had plenty to say about the issue but a recent interview with Symone Sanders has taken the issue of the protests in a new direction claiming that white people have no right to criticize the anthem protests.

Not everything’s about race Symone

Sanders, appearing on, “CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield,” said to conservative pundit Ben Ferguson, “White people do not get to tell black folks or anybody else what is an acceptable form of protest.”

Ferguson responded, “Not everything’s about race Symone. Not everything is about race” to which she responded, “Maybe not for you is it, but for folks who are protesting police…the issue of police brutality is absolutely about race.”

The exchange got heated after Ferguson said, “You stand up and are one of those that are in charge of helping the military. You have a duty, an obligation to the President of the United States of America to leave a situation where people were basically giving the middle finger to the men and women who fought and protect this country.”

Sanders responded,

“That is false and you should be ashamed.”


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