Right After The Game, Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Did Something HORRIBLE To Army Ranger Who Stood For Anthem

This Sunday, NFL players made a point to unite together against our President and our military.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made the ultimate cowardly move and stayed in the locker room during the national anthem. Only one player on the team, Alejandro Villanueva, had the courage to go against orders from the coach and stand on the field for the anthem.

Villanueva is a former Army Ranger who served three tours in Afghanistan and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor. He wasn’t going to let politics come before his patriotism.

But instead of praising Villanueva or understanding why standing for the anthem is so important to an Army Ranger, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin TRASHED his own player claiming that Villanueva was “disrespecting his team”.

Tomlin said in a post-game press conference that he was looking for “100 percent participation” in whatever course of action the team took during the national anthem.

When asked by a reporter about Villanueva coming out for the anthem, Tomlin said,

“Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.”

Apparently Coach Tomlin cares more about having respect for his football team than he does about respecting our veterans.

Tomlin also took a sideswipe at President Trump saying that he didn’t appreciate being dragged into politics this weekend.

Someone needs to remind Tomlin that it wasn’t Trump who inserted politics into football, you can thank your whiny, entitled, attention seeking football players for that.

Video of Tomlin’s disgraceful reaction can be seen below….


27 comments on Right After The Game, Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Did Something HORRIBLE To Army Ranger Who Stood For Anthem

  1. This is a real POS coach! A true LEADER would never act this way. Thank you to the ONE standout that had the dignity to defy the 100% asshole.

  2. Roseann miller says:

    I think disrespecting the flag is more important than disrespecting the team. Shame on u Tomlin.

  3. what a piece of crap.unamerica

  4. kenneth winkler says:

    this wood never happen ifART was still living and he wood fire the coach

  5. Kale Freilinger says:

    Choosing to honor the flag or not honor it has absolutely nothing to do with our military. Nothing. The flag is a symbol of our county and our society, not of our military.

  6. Henry Herman says:

    Coach has no respect for the flag or country that give him the right to make millions of dollars playing with a little ball My football season is over

  7. Harry Anderson says:

    We all know that the majority of NFL players have a very low IQ, and now they are displaying to the world just how illiterate they really are. You reap that which you sow, and I doubt that these absolute, over paid morons, have any idea how to sow a fruitful seed! Once the tax man comets to their door, they will soon realize that they “blew it”!

  8. K. Smith says:

    Mike Tomlinson
    UR a piece of f___king garbage,
    Screw U and ur nfl team

  9. John Gomolski says:

    Coach Tomlin based on your words you and almost all of your team disrespected the NFL since it is a league rule that teams be on the field for the National Anthem. I like many Americans are fed up with the NFL . I watched my last game yesterday . You guys are ruining what used to be a good thing.

  10. Bjwags says:

    Tomlin, Respect is earned & Villanueva earned it. He fought for this country. You & your team did nothing but disrespect him. So you don’t deserve his respect or the respect of the United States!

  11. dave says:

    once again we see the irresponsible action of a coward, he talks about the disrepecting of his team, his team has no honor. and diserves no respect. and the coach for not respecting the right of a citizen to make his own choices. show that these people have reverted to the mob mentallity in stead of independent thinking, in other wards. they have given up the right to be americans,

  12. Ex Steelers Fan says:

    Why does the solidarity have to be with the players disrespecting our flag? Why can’t they show solidarity with the team member that has risked his life that make sure that they have their freedom?

  13. elizabeth says:

    you sir, are a hypocrite. An unAmerican jerk. You DISRESPECTED HIS FLAG! And I’m sure he’s scared of you. He’s been in WAR. You’re the coach of a GAME. You’re a putz.

  14. I thought Tomlin was interested in remaining out of the fray, apparently he decided to cross his own end zone. The penalty of this political play will be a casual decline in interest in a once competitive competitive sport. Not solely because of this contractual enforcement, it will decline because political interference is diminishing the sport we once had respect for. Its of course inexcusable for American citizens to disrespect our national treasure. For youth mentors, athletes looked up to by those inspired by their athletic heroes, youth looking for direction in their futures aspirations being misdirected by some anti American demonstration compromising those securing our way of life and those of our past sacrificing all for America and its independence, security, and way of life. This breaks hearts, trust, emotional commitments, of those seeking honorable examples of loyalty to our homeland they were born. One stood respecting America while the rest hid gutlessly cowering behind their leader Tomlin. When taking the field in the future will the boos inspire good sportsmanship or chaotic callousness. Those pads you wear suggest artificial antisipation does not assure safety, just as artificial causes will not carry any team across the end zone, if a wall is constructed to impair forward progress. This cause you claim is politically perceived, to impede America from forward progress. Is this your intentions. We will build a wall to impede your forward emotion, not your motion. Stop the commotion.

  15. Robert Castillo says:

    You can’t wash the stank of a “NIGGER”!

  16. Bill Gavin says:

    Tis Coach is a royal jerk !! He forgot who fought and died for our Flag. He also needs to blame Kaperknick for bringing politics to the game. I hope everyone boycotts the NFL and they all start loosing money. They all are a bunch of ungrateful Bastards !!

  17. Rabbi Joe says:

    Eat a bag of crap. You rotten hypocrite. LOSERS!!!!

  18. Ed says:

    Been a Steeler fan for many a year, I will now remove my Steeler tags from my vehicles and no longer watch any Steeler games. My family plans to do the same. Tomlin and the team are no longer relevant. So sad !

  19. Thomas Thielemier says:

    Coach Tomlin is a scumbag! He should be thankful this nation has given him the opportunity to excel in his chose occupation. Play football and let the demonstrations take place outside the stadium!

  20. Tim says:

    Tomlin is a disgrace to America and it’s citizens !!

    Tomlin can take his black ass race attitude and shove it!

    Because if Tomlin and the likes of the NFL I will no longer watch one game and will stand with a boycott against a black ass racists organization !!

  21. larry fenkell says:

    Screw you Tomlin. You have one player who is patriotic and a true American unlike your racist thugs who stayed in the locker room.

  22. d says:

    A POS coach. This man is a hero and has every right to exercise his 1st amendments rights even though they may be different than the rest of his team. You Sir are a piece of shit manipulator and should be let go for disrespecting a person who has every right to think and act different than you. After all isn’t that the BS you morons have been pushing.

  23. Patricia says:

    Tomlin, you and your team were disrepecting Mr. Villanueva and his service to our country. He wasn’t disrespecting you and the team. He was honoring the country he fought for — the USA! He has more balls than all the rest of you combined. With the exception of Mr. Villanueva, you and your whiney a**ed players can take your team and shove it. I have been a steelers fan for 40 years, but that came to an end yesterday. Mr. Villanueva has my 100% support.

  24. The entire team shamed him.. Shame on them all. The team along with the Coach are THUGS. Villanueva served our country and is
    HERO…The hatred that has taken place by his team players is disgraceful.

  25. JOHN R SMITHSON says:

    Tomlin, I will not call you COACH, or MR., or MIKE, or MIKIE, perhaps TRAITOR would be a more fitting name for you. I never liked you or the Steelers from the start. Now that you have showed your true colors as an AMERICAN, by down talking a war HERO.Someone that fault for your freedom to even be on a foot ball field. I think you SUCK TOMLIN!!!!

  26. I think all these rich players should have to do a hitch in the military and get the same pay as our military then and maybe they would have more respect. If every one would boycott their games to show we are not going to stand for this kind of behavior and take their big ass pay checks away I never understood why they make the money they do for running a ball up and down a field. I know they don’t deserve they pay they get and our military are paid so much less when the military are the ones fighting to keep for our freedom.

  27. Darlene says:

    You call hiding in the tunnel respect??? Your an idiot and a chicken…..come out and do exactly what your one and only player did…and you would have been awarded dearly by the fans….you and i will not call you sir are a disrespectful human being….

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