President Trump Rejects DACA Deal, Draws Line In Sand And Dares Chuck Schumer To Cross It

President Trump just took Chuck Schumer's proposed DACA deal and told him where to put it.

In the trash!

President Trump has been firm on his desire to strengthen the American border and remove the millions of illegals mooching off of our welfare system. While in office Barack Obama decided to grant amnesty to all illegals who arrive in America before the age of 16 which equally includes the illegal parents because who would break up a family , right? This allowed amnesty became known as DACA which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals but Obama had no right to grant such allowances in the first place and President Trump is seeing to it that an end be put to the nonsense. Obama may no longer be in office but other democratic officials such as chuck Schumer are hell bent on seeing his work carried out no matter the cost to the country.

Via Subject Politics:

According to Newsmax, President Trump on Friday rejected the proposed bipartisan “Dreamer” deal.



The ball is now back in the dems court and only time will tell what illegal actions will be implemented in order for liberals to keep their DACA leeches in America.

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