Pawn Star Rick Harrison Comes Forward, Absolutely Destroys Barack Obama’s Legacy

Pawn Star Rick Harrison has never been overly political. The hardworking reality TV star likes to play his cards close to his chest. But now Harrison has broken his silence about former President Barack Obama, as World Politicus is reporting.

And Harrison doesn’t have good things to say about Obama, not at all.

Harrison owns Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and he’s a popular TV star. He works hard to put food on his family’s table and according to him Obama made that much harder. According to Harrison, the hypocrite Obama made it “literally a nightmare” to run a small business.

“The effect of the eight years of Obama is finally showing up.” Harrison said, criticizing the mainstream media for its malicious attacks on President Trump.

If you believe the fake news media, Obama was a “bipartisan” hero who did an amazing job as President. However, Harrison has a reality check for anyone who believes that.

“We had .7 GDP [growth]…in the last quarter, and if you figure GDP the way we did four years ago, that would be negative growth. Four years ago…they decided all research and development [suddenly] goes into the plus column instead of the expense column and…it was a way the administration actually boosted up GDP,” Harrison explained.

In other words, Obama’s folks cooked the books. They lied to make the economy seem better than it was and now the impact is hitting.

Harrison wants Trump to get rid of Obamacare and keep doing the great things he is doing cutting regulations and working to lower taxes.

What do you think about Harrison’s comments? Is he on the money or is he just trying to pawn off economic problems on President Obama?

5 comments on Pawn Star Rick Harrison Comes Forward, Absolutely Destroys Barack Obama’s Legacy

  1. FSHNT21 says:

    “Figures lie and liars figure…”
    The government “spin doctors” can make the numbers say anything they want, but the average business and the American consumer are still taking it in the shorts…

  2. Frank abasciano says:

    He’s not saying anything new we have been saying the same thing for 8 months. Why even post this

  3. David Street says:

    I agree with Harrison for the most part on Obama Osama like Saddam’s relative LoL 🤗 but this guy Mr Harrison hey guy no offense Rick you’re not struggling never really have your dad set you up on a golden spoon you’re a millionaire born into it. Work hard to put food on the table? You don’t know what the hell struggling is no offense you ain’t changing majority of people’s opinions unless their lost delusional unaware of truths facts reality.

  4. Rick. You need a pre-frontal lobotomy.. you live in lala land.

  5. Von kipperqtvonkipper says:

    Go Rick. Your dead on. Obama killed small. Businesses

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