VIDEO: “Black Oppression” Teen THUG And His Family Destroy Court Room After Hearing Verdict

People wonder why Black Teen unemployment is at an all-time low. This proves why. These little disrespectful degenerates think it’s “Cool”, and “Funny” to act like a fool in front of this Broward County Judge. If you want to know how to fix the troubled black community, start with your children. Raise them to respect their elders, and not act like these idiots. I fear for the future. More and more teens are acting like these idiots. We as a people need to stand up, and start raising our children better. What these children do not understand is respect for the law. The teens stole a car and led police on a high-speed chase.

There is no respect for the law coming from these thugs.

Daily Wire:

A Broward County, Florida courtroom where four teens accused of multiple crimes — including burglary, grand theft auto and eluding police — had to be cleared because not only were the criminals not behaving, their friends and family were just as wild.

The 15 year-old driver of the stolen vehicle, Maurice Thomas, became upset when the judge ordered him to spend the next 21 days in detention. His angry reaction triggered outbursts from the gallery, who happened to be related to the accused.

The ruling did not go over well with them to say the least. Local news channel WSVN 7 captured video of a young woman dancing while another lashed out at a guard with angry obscenities. Meanwhile, 15 year-old suspect Dontavious Butler flashed a gold smile for the camera.

The judge ended up sentencing a few of the suspect’s disorderly court supporters to two days in jail for contempt of court.

I can’t seem to wrap my head around what they think is so funny? Do they not realize they can spend the rest of their lives behind bars? Apparently not. They need to be scared straight.

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