NO KIDDING! Government Of Haiti Summons US Official To Explain Trump’s “Sh*Thole” Remark

Haiti ambassador requests official explanation of President Trump's sh**hole comment.

President Trump is well known for his unorthodox behavior and straight forward commentary. Trump tells it like it is, no sugar coating nonsense. Therefore it comes as no surprise that he used the phrase sh**hole while referring to countries such as Haiti and El Salvador. Is that to be taken offensively, probably but the truth hurts don't it?


Pictures of Haiti prove that the term sh**hole is a rather accurate representation wether the ambassador wants to admit it or not. Sure Trump could have put it more eloquently but that's just not Trump.


Haiti’s ambassador to the U.S. on Thursday reportedly condemned President Trump‘s comments referring to the nation as a “shithole” country, which sparked bipartisan backlash.

Ambassador Paul Altidor told NBC News political contributor Yamiche Alcindor that Trump’s remarks were “based on stereotypes” and the president was either “misinformed” or “miseducated.”


An official request explaining what Trump meant is really unnecessary. What he meant is the way your country is being ran has lead to utter devastation due to severe poverty and the resulting effect is comparable to a sh**hole. Your welcome.

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