BREAKING: NFL Executives Just Woke To Devastating News About The Rest Of Their Season Today

The National Football League is just beginning to learn what happens when you let your paid employees disrespect The United States of American and all she stands for.

Our boycott is working folks. The NFL’s TV ratings were once again down again in week two. A Jefferies analyst has projected that its TV partners could lose out on $200 million or more, in earnings, if its rating troubles persist in a double-digit way. During week two the NFL saw a 4% drop from 2016’s week two in live and same-day average viewers of Sunday games and a 14% drop in viewers for Monday Night Football.

Here’s a look at the players who have knelt, sat or demonstrated in some way during the national anthem so far this season.

• Marcus Peters, Chiefs (sat)
• Marshawn Lynch, Raiders (sat)
• Michael Bennett, Seahawks (sat)
• Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles (raised fist)
• Robert Quinn, Rams (raised fist)
• Martellus Bennett, Packers (raised fist)
• Chris Long, Eagles (put his hand on teammate Malcolm Jenkins’s shoulder)
• Rodney McLeod, Eagles (put his hand on teammate Malcolm Jenkins’s shoulder)
• Justin Britt, Seahawks (put his hand on teammate Michael Bennett’s shoulder)
• Thomas Rawls, Seahawks (put his hand on teammate Michael Bennett’s shoulder)
• Cliff Avril, Seahawks (sat)
• Frank Clark, Seahawks (sat)
• Johnny Hekker, Rams (embraced teammate Robert Quinn)
• Eric Reid, 49ers (knelt surrounded by teammates)

• Marshawn Lynch, Raiders (sat)
• Michael Bennett, Seahawks (sat)
• Cliff Avril, Seahawks (sat during the end of the anthem)
• Seth DeValve, Browns (knelt)
• Duke Johnson Jr., Browns (knelt)
• Terrance Magee, Browns (knelt)
• Isaiah Crowell, Browns (knelt)
• Kenny Britt, Browns (knelt)
• Ricardo Louis, Browns (knelt)
• Jabrill Peppers, Browns (knelt)
• Calvin Pryor, Browns (knelt)
• Jamar Taylor, Browns (knelt)
• Christian Kirksey, Browns (knelt)
• Jamie Collins, Browns (knelt)
• Ron Brooks, Eagles (knelt)
• Shalom Luani, Raiders (knelt)
• Eric Reid, 49ers (knelt)
• Cameron Jefferson, Bills (raised fist)
• Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles (raised fist)
• Jurrell Casey, Titans (raised fist)
• Wesley Woodyard, Titans (raised fist)
• Robert Quinn, Rams (raised fist)
• Jeremy Lane, Seahawks (stood with his back to the field and flag)
• Chris Long, Eagles (put his hand on teammate Malcolm Jenkins’s shoulder)
• Derek Carr, Raiders (put his hand on teammate Khalil Mack’s shoulder)
• Justin Britt, Seahawks (put his hand on teammate Michael Bennett’s shoulder)
• DeShone Kizer, Browns (put his hand on teammate’s shoulder)
• Britton Colquitt, Browns (put his hand on teammate’s shoulder)
• Rodney McLeod, Eagles (put his hand on teammate Malcolm Jenkins’s shoulder)
• Other Browns players, such as Jason McCourty and Shon Coleman, stood near the group of kneeling players on Monday night in an apparent show of support.
• About 30 Browns players stood with their arms linked together before their game against the Buccaneers

It was only a matter of time until the American people got smart and started to see these rich elite spoiled brat players for what they really are. They make more money in one year than most of us will see in an entire lifetime. But instead of rising with beaming pride for the flag that stands for the nation that provides their unmatched wealth just for tossing a ball around, they decide to bow in disrespect because they want to protest a police officer having to kill a drug dealing gang banger who pulled a gun on them.

Please share if you are boycotting the NFL until the disrespect stops….

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  1. Zeke Anderson says:

    Protest what you want, but do it on your time and in your own clothes.

  2. Lyn Canyon says:

    I am so tired of the pity parties these NFL millionaires are having…how can they yell discrimination? This is what Obama brought to our country….Maybe he can get his 72 virgins pretty soon

  3. I don’t care to see another football game the rest of my life.

  4. Jeff says:

    200 is not enough. Expand the boycotting by calling advertisers to tell then your boycotting their products if they continue to show theor products on games.

  5. Thomas Brechlin says:

    Thank you for the list. Please keep it updated. But the next time you provide he list, it would be good if you also included their net worth.

  6. Larry says:

    I served in the Navy for 22 years and can never come close to what the players get paid. The fans are the reason theses players have a job. Players work for me and the owners need to understand without fans paying the high ticket prices they can not pay the players salaries. We the fans demand the players pay respect for what service members already paid for. Im their boss, they work for me and I demand respect.

  7. Martin Plamondon says:

    i will not turn on the tv for any nfl game or buy anything they sell or promote

  8. Martin Plamondon says:

    spoiled kids that need to grow up

  9. Richard Sather says:

    Without the field as a stage and the uniform of the teams these guys would be a nobody, let them sit in the locker room until after the national anthem, kneel, sit or whatever they want to do, case solved.

  10. Dave says:

    I do not go to or watch NFL games and will not until they get this under control. You do not see this in Nascar and it probably would never happen. Nascar people are about 10 cuts above what we see in the NFL. The sponsors know and pay for people watching the games. It is all about numbers. As the money stops coming in, The NFL might see the light.

  11. Henry Mayo says:

    I am not interested in watching Pro Football as it no longer seems much like a sport with little to defend its good points. The concussions make the game a real negative business.

  12. Joyce pape says:

    I love foot ball, but I love my country more. I will boycott football and nother buy any product that is advertized

  13. john says:

    just don’t watch

  14. David Sweet says:

    goodell is deliberately dismantling the nfl through racial division and apathy and avarice towards our nation, our flag, our constitution and our veterans. By shoving aside all patriotic tradition like this, the nfl is doomed–he is no credit to the sport nor the players who respect and honor our country and all it stands for.

    goodell is pushing a globalist agenda within his agenda for the nfl–it has nothing to do with the game, everything to do with pushing socialism

  15. fpc says:

    the players love their freedoms and money but disrespects flag and country that gives them those bounties! they want to get everything they can from the country but do not want to give anything back. i stopped watching them.

  16. Richard Bundy says:

    I want to rephrase Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy answer to this.
    “It’s unfortunate that the NFL players decided to use their immense platform to make divisive and offensive statements about our Veterans and the USA. I strongly believe that Veterans are leaders in our communities and positive influences. Veterans have achieved their positions through tremendous work and dedication and should be celebrated for their success and positive impact. I believe it is important to support all of our Veterans who chose to step up to defend all of us with the hope of change for good. As Americans, we are fortunate to be able to speak openly and freely because of these men and women.” These players, play a game and get paid millions to do it. It’s a FUCKING game, War is no FUCKING game. How many of these players have
    ever written their Will at the age of 18 not knowing if they would ever make it home again? How many of these players have ever lost a limb playing their game? How man of these players have ever left their families for extended periods of time not knowing if they would ever see them again? How many of these players have held a Battle Buddy as they have taken their last breath? How many of these players have been stuck in a hole or on a ship being shot at? And the list goes on and on. So please tell me how disrespecting our Veterans, Anthem and Country is helping us with Hope and Change?

  17. Mike says:

    I support American values, even if still in a growth spiral. I understand how people are trying to succeed for individual needs. This country feels but needs a break from the proud followers of Soros and the Clinton/Obama outrqgeous clan.

  18. PATRICIA DITTO says:


  19. PATRICIA DITTO says:


  20. Patti Seymour says:

    It will kill me not watching my Vikings, but they are playing Tampa Bay… I’m just showing my President and my country are more important. This disrespect has got to stop!🇺🇸🇺🇸👏🏻👏🏻…😡🏈

  21. bob says:

    I am at a point that I will not watch any NFL games and if MLB starts this shit they are out also and movies forget them all together.

  22. david says:

    they need to learn the point you cant be a political hack to back up a criminal. be racist. , slap the american people in face and expect us not to react. stupid is stupid,

  23. Bob Nichols says:

    BOYCOTT the NFL. After what the Ravens and Jags did in England this morning. These Prima Donnas have gone to far with there disrepect of our country. Goodell has no balls, he could stop this right now. Jerry Jones has balls and he will put the country before football. Now the Steelers are not coming out for the National Anthem what BS. Stop throwing money at the NFL like a stripper in a night club. Flag and country first

  24. Constance Carter says:

    I’m watching baseball, hockey and racing. Will not spend a nickel to support the NFL.

  25. JJ says:

    Excellent. I hope they lose their shirts. Disgusting actions by overgrown children who are way overpaid.

  26. malchus says:

    These players really should think about what they are doing. While it is their right, they are also dissing the system that allows them to earn mutimillions to play sports. But they are also dissing the fans who support them, most of whom would never think of direspecting our flag or anthem.
    They should also consider that if they lose their jobs, most of them are not qualified or trained to do anything else to earn a living. Very very few make it into show business or even coaching or as sports announcers. As actor Karl Malden use to say in the Amerian Express commercials – “What will you do? What will you do?”

  27. Tom Gray says:

    i wont watch any more i hope they go broke

  28. Dennis Orr says:

    NO NFL no Basketball, no any sport that supports these protests; no purchases of sports sponsored products; a total boycott until these “players” honor the Nation.

  29. Michael Spivey says:

    Why they would think that they, playing a game that is really no more than an adult version of patty cake, have opinions and views that matter to anyone other than themselves are somehow important is beyond me, hubris and being legends in their own minds I guess.

  30. Tom moraghan says:

    Boycott the sponsors

  31. Ed Cooper says:

    The NFL is poised to destroy themselves. They must follow President Trump’s Leadership and demand employees to respect the National Anthem Ceremony before games or they will start losing millions of dollars. Teams will start going broke. Several are on the edge of Bankruptcy now. Games will start being cancelled and revenue will plummet. No money to pay the “Big Stars” and salaries will take a nose dive. No money to keep up the Stadiums. Which means Fans will have to put up with less security and ghetto type conditions. No money to pay the Sportscasters, so get ready to have the game called by a third cousin, Deonnie Mohammed. \
    Americans can stand up for their Country or we will end up a Third World Shit hole. This is the beginning of the end of America’s Greatness or its the end of so called “Black Activists”, BLM, ANTIFA, CREW, Obama, and Hillary.

  32. Richard Hull says:

    Aside from the NHL I will never watch another professional football or baseball game until the commissioners put on their big boy pants and put a stop to this. Professional athletes living and working in a country that affords them the opportunity to make millions of dollars to play little boy games. And they have the audacity to disrespect the flag and anthem of that nation by not standing at attention for a few moments, facing the flag and placing their their right hand over their heart. Shame on them and I hope they go broke. I have found I can live very nicely without pro football and pro baseball. I stopped watching pro basketball about 4 years ago. Don’t miss a minute of it.

  33. Chris Close says:

    They all should be fired on the spot! If they can’t stand for our Flag and for what it stands for. It’s not about freedom of speech, it’s about these Morons that think they are better than any one else. send all of them in Afghanistan to fight for freedom and see if they change there tune, Pay them what the army pays, see if they like that. They are way over paid. People should boycott them.

  34. paul duldulao says:

    will not watch a nfl game this year.

  35. donna jameson says:

    it is such a thing to do to start mad people anymore for 1 player to kneel at first. it should have been stopped right there with a simple your fired to him by the owners and warning the rest. people have made such a mess when celebrities opinions matter so much, they were suppose to leave when Trump became President but no one is packing yet lol.

  36. Robert says:

    I have not and will not watch the NFL this year. I also usually buy my wife and I jerseys for the year among other NFL apparel. Not for me this year.They are a bunch of over paid and over rated athletes. They can do what they want on there own time not mine. I pay to watch a good football game not to see this crap. The NFL should not let these guys use it as a platform of disrespect to our great country.
    Your truly……….Ex NFL fan

  37. Carolyn Dorman says:

    Should not watch on TV, nor no one go to the games. Bring them down to where they belong. Send them all to fight over in those countries. They don’t deserve anything. They do not deserve to have one penny in American Money.

  38. Judie Culp says:

    I think that if they don’t respect the flag or the anthem, they should be fired then let them try to find another job, but not in football! They would soon find that BRAINS, not brawn are the ones who deserve to have their salarys!!!!

  39. It is time the football owners ,take a stand these players make too much money and have to much influence on the People in our COUNTRY.I f they have NO RESPECT FOR THE FLAG AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR .THAN THEY SHOULD BE OFF THE TEAM .

  40. I will only watch and support teams that have no protestors in uniform on the field. The TV will be “off” for all other games.

  41. Mary Rawls says:

    I love football but I love America more. I will not support anyone who disrespects the flag. Too many brave men and women have given their lives for our freedom. I stand with my hand over my heart when the National Anthem is playing. Anyone who doesn’t is siding with terrorist and should be treated accordingly

  42. Brenda Fkynn says:

    Haven’t watched football in 2 seasons don’t plan on starting anytime soon. Over it !!

  43. Vern Ammentorp says:

    Get the heads of those team to talk to the players if they don’t respect our flag get rid of them now

  44. rennie cole says:

    Shame on them. Trade their uniforms for a real uniform, a uniform that represents our men and women who died for their freedom. No matter what it be, a Marine, Army, Navy, Police officer, all in the name of this country. You punks don’t deserve another dollar, penny nothing lining your pocket from me, or anyone in my family or circle of friends. I’m done with your fight, I’m done watching, reading and learning about what you represent. You fine scums represent a sick punk that was a menace to our society, you turned your back on “OUR FLAG” to make your point. Now let the real American people who are real patriots of this country show you how we treat people like you. Down with you punks, down with the game as long as alll of you are players are in, I’m out, America is out.

  45. David says:

    Just gonna leave this here

    U.S. Code › Title 36 › Subtitle I › Part A › Chapter 3 › § 301
    36 U.S. Code § 301 – National anthem
    US Code
    prev | next
    The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem.
    (b)Conduct During Playing.—During a rendition of the national anthem—
    (1) when the flag is displayed—
    (A) individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note;
    (B) members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform; and
    (C) all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and
    (2) when the flag is not displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed.

  46. kate says:

    Read your NFL rule book,if you can read .

  47. Mike says:

    I will not watch any N FL games until they all respect our National Anthem

  48. nellie says:

    what annoys me is these dopes kneeling HAVE A JOB, MAKING MILLIONS & people of ALL COLOR pay BIG $ to come see them & they are calling these same people racist! They disgrace our flag , our country & our men & women who gave all for their freedoms! They have NO respect for any of what has ENABLED them to have a GOOD LIFE…. they should be tossed on their ear & FIRED.

  49. Steve bolton proud American says:

    I’m no longer a supporter of the NFL I really loved the game no more. NFL and their million dollar players not standing and showing respect for our flag our country. But these players will disgrace our flag over a bunch of thugs that shoot our police rob an shoot others. Riot An burn down stores attack others that try to protect their property. Those million dollar players would support this support these punks thugs criminals bull. A lot of men An women gave everything for our country our flag our flag representing all those that gave all. Our military our police that flag representing America. First you take down destroying our historic monuments our history now it’s our flag you snowflakes disguise me. This generation sucks given everything An fight An work for nothing.

  50. Audra Eide says:

    We will not watch on tv and as season ticket holders are considering if we will continue to be fans.

  51. Jan Brent says:


  52. Chet says:

    I am boycotting the nfl again this season. when they realize how it feels when your brother comes home under the flag for fighting for the freedoms they enjoy, then i will think about watching again. When they realize they were giving scholarships in college. getting free rides. Maybe they will stand again. When they realize BLM is a terrorist group. along with the KKK and anyone that destroys personal properties and business. When they realize they have never been a slave or picked cotton or worked in a field under slave laws. When they realize that it was blacks that started selling slaves. when they realize the millions of dollars they make are paid by owners who has fan support. Then i’ll think about watching again. Protest all you want. Raise your fist. but do it somewhere else. If i was a owner, I would do just like Jerry Jones of the Cowboys. Fire there butts. And i am so disappointed in m bennett of the packers for raising his fist. I will watch Andy Griffin re runs other then nfl football

  53. Nate says:

    The owners should get some balls and speak up, what a bunch of namby pamby pusies they are. I hope it hurts their pocketbooks big time.

  54. Taz says:

    Everybody should boycott this weekend coming up that will send message to stop .

  55. Rachel McAuley says:

    My 17 year old son said, “goodbye”, to his 20 year old brother last week, as he entered a van to head to Army Basic Training for 10 weeks to start the journey to serve his country, the players country. Sunday, my 17 year old was invited with 19 other high school football players to attend the Titans game with free tickets. My son sees the pro football players, as role models. I am saddened that he saw some players and the National Anthem singer take a knee before his eyes, while his brother is serving their rich, spoiled, ungrateful, protesting, arrogant, physically athletic padded asses. They need to get their minds right and morals to match their physical abilities or move to another country. Immigrants fight to make it to the great USA. Players dishonor the red, white, and blue they were blessed to be born in. Parents work hard to educate their children about not doing wrong in life to keep them out of trouble. Now, I have to worry what my 17 year old sees on a sideline or doesn’t see coming out of the tunnel at what was suppose to be a fun game fellowshipping with their buddies. Horrible role models you have! I felt like a failure as a mom that I couldn’t protect his eyes Sunday. Pray for my other son for the next 4 years protecting your teams, owners, coaches, and staff. Shame on the NFL!

  56. Danny Crow says:

    I’m an ex-marine that took an oath to defend their country against all enemies foreign and domestic these black lives matter trash is waged war on all those that bled and died and were willing to bleed and die they don’t have enough brain power to understand the flag and Anthem and what it stands for and what it’s meant to stand for they’re a disgrace to our country and because we have a president that loves our country and our people now they’re waging an attack in war on him we all need to stand strong so that our voices be heard love our country or leave it keep your mouth shut if you’re too cowardly to stand up for what our president is trying to say God Bless America God bless president Donald Trump

  57. I will not watch then play since they show such disrespect to our country. They are paid such an enormous amount of money to carry a ball from one end of a field to another while our military are fighting to keep us free. They are acting like spoiled brats.

  58. Granville Gilstrap says:

    I do not see a single name of a Dallas Cowboys kneeling.
    Might it be that it is because Jerry Jones took a stand and said publicaly that any player or coach who disrespects the flag would be fired?

  59. Jan Chnupa says:

    The owners need to get some balls and make a stand! No one has sympathy for these players making $millions. If they can’t show respect for the Flag and for the soldiers that died for their freedom the we don’t need the NFL!

  60. Josh house says:

    The POS NFL commissioner will not do anything about it until he starts losing money out of his own pocket. Only then will we see an abrupt change.

  61. kathy t. says:


  62. Bob Deuley says:

    I knew there was another reason for being a Cowboy fan since I could spell Cowboy. It’s called RESPECT!!

  63. Peggy Bowers says:

    I have been a sports fan for over 55 years and love football. Unless something is done I will never watch the NFL again. How these players that make millions of dollars can do this while the real working people have to pay through the nose to see them play in person is ridiculous, but then to disrespect the country that has made them is beyond me. They are enabling others to believe it is OK to disrespect our Flag and our Country that give them everything they need to survive, while other work their butts off, or lose their lives, to pay for their disrespect. Things better change soon or there will be more problems, or serious problems in this country. Millions of dollars to play with a ball, I would rather see players playing for the fun again, Maybe will start going to High School Games.

  64. Marilyn says:

    Don’t pay them. Disrespect of the highest. Ever thought bout how your freedom came about?

  65. Erin says:

    Why not start boycotting all the companies that advertise during the games – that will up the pressure even more.

  66. Thomas Baker says:

    I am learning that a much reduced NFL watching season is really great. Most of the games I can’t remember who won three days later. The weather is great now there is much other fun to be had.

  67. stevn dale yahne says:

    i say kick the S.O.B. out of the League they were not rise that way back when old school an a hand shake an your word was true an honest

  68. pat h buie says:

    I am boycotting as a viewer the NFL ball games. There are plenty of players that respect the flag. Drop the disrepectful ones and let the other guys play. There are plenty of good players that respect the American flag. Send the other guys to Afghanistan and let them be shot at and see what they say then about the American flag. We are lucky to have our freedom because men go and figtht to protect us .

    1. pat h buie says:

      I am boycotting as a viewer the NFL ball games. There are plenty of players that respect the flag. Drop the disrepectful ones and let the other guys play. There are plenty of good players that respect the American flag. Send the other guys to Afghanistan and let them be shot at and see what they say then about the American flag. We are lucky to have our freedom because men go and figtht to protect us .

  69. Mike ramsey says:

    I like the idea of a total boycott of the NFL on veterans day nov11

  70. Ronald Robinson says:

    losers I will boycott

  71. JS says:

    So….Kneeling in silent protest for a good reason is disrespectful? The requirement to stand is not included withing the flag code. It suggests that you “should”. Freedom of speech is ok as long as its done in the quiet of our homes or with our intimate friends and family. Bring to light the problems we face in this country and now there is disrespect? No one negates the sacrifices that our enlisted; current and past, have made to provide the unalienable rights we hold true but, it’s ok for others to hold protests, burn crosses, etc while a young man, who is bi-racial, decided that enough was enough. “I need to do something to stand up to the injustice running rampant in our country.” He did not go around throwing bible verses to the masses, walking around with signage (negative or otherwise), he merely did, in my opinion, the same thing that Rosa Parks did on that bus. Its not the act, its what the act represents that has everyone up in an uproar. Disrespect to the flag…..for starters its stated that the U.S. Flag code that the flag should not be displayed on a float in a parade, draped over the hood, top, sides, or back of a vehicle…if displayed on a motorcar, the flag should fly on a staff from the right fender (How many of you do this?) 2. the flag should never be carried flat or horizontally (football games come to mind here). Most importantly, no part of the flag should be used as a costume or uniform, should not be embroidered on articles like cushions or handkerchiefs, etc., should not be placed on paper napkins, plates or anything designed for temporary use and discarded. The kicker is that any rule or custom pertaining to the flag can be altered, modified, or added to by the CIC (President) in a proclamation. I suspect that at some point when people realize that no harm was actually done the rules will be modified.
    I say this to say, we cannot begin to heal and repair the divisiveness tearing this country apart until we can begin dialogue together.

  72. Tina Wells says:

    Isn’t there a clause in signed paperwork of each player and Conduct. This is not a racial thing This is NOT a American Anthem thing. Its grown men mad acting like children conducting themselves with no integrity or morals. The American Anthem has been played for years. yes the is freedom of speech-but this is horrible. Wear a black clove or something but dont disrespect the Flag and what it stands for Stand up be a man…Be an example to the children that look up to you. Better yet do some history checking of your own family. I bet there was someone who dies serving this great nation so you can be blessed to earn the money you do. YOU CAN NOT GO ANYWHERE BUT AMERICA TO MAKE THE MONEY YOU DO.
    As far as the NFL Higher up—-be examples of unity for America. These players a representing you. FIRE THEM this mess will stop. Either way Money and ticket holders and views are tired of this Money talk ________ walks…

  73. Jo Ann Cilli says:

    I love sports, I stopped watching years ago because of the money they make. I can’t pay medical bills, and they get paid even if they don’t play. It’s a disgrace! The people who served or serve this country whether military, Fireman/women, EMT etc. It’s shameful. It is what it is but I will only kneel to our God

  74. GAIL says:

    It looks like that Free Speech is costing you. Hope you bozos saved for a rainey day.

  75. Bob watkins says:

    Have not watched any yet……just a bunch of overpaid bratts…….the owners are about as bad….hope the ratings go right down the tubes…….send the ones that are kneeling overseas and bring the soldiers back home……..this is so assine it’s not funny anymore……..

  76. diane kinzer says:

    Oh yes, what disrespect……shall we say the rich spoiled, disrespectful NFL players have cooked their own goose. The American people are tired of this…..let all of them go serve in the military……watch , sponsors will pull out, people will quit watching and the ratings will keep going down. Now lets see how they act when you take the big money away from them that they do not deserve anyway.

  77. Lynnette Davis says:

    I just don’t get it. What does the American flag have to do with police brutality? Of you pull a gun, look like your going to, or don’t do what an officer tells you to do when he tells you, you are putting yourself in harm’s way….it doesn’t matter what color you are..those actions can spell disaster. In 2009 the NFL rulebook specified exactly how players are to behave during the National anthem. That is their rule. If blacks continue to act like this, then people will see them differently. There is no color people…we are all humans. If we are kind, honest, helpful and good citizens we are all one… brother’s and sisters in our world.

  78. Kathy Stasko says:

    The flag represents the American People in whole, not a political or racial or any other type of situation. When you look down on the flag you are looking down on our country, and what our country stands for, and all the men and woman who gave their life for your freedom. If you dislike it so much why don’t you go to a different country to live.

  79. Donna Miceli says:

    It’s about time that the owners understand the impact of the players protest. Not standing for the national anthem is an affront to every American. This is not the forum for a protest unless they want to loose their paycheck! Give them a time and place to express their reasons for protesting AFTER the game.

  80. Roberta White says:

    So disappointed that these over paid idiots disrespect the flag and anthem of the country that has given them so much! Maybe if they were defending our country or God forgive they lost a limb they would realize what so many people are upset about!

  81. Jeffrey Payton says:

    Don’t forget these players are just kids with no clue. We are not going to follow their example. They are younger than my children and many other Americans. They are fortunate to play a game and be paid so much to do so. I myself am on the fence as to whether I boycott the NFL all together. Any more foolish moves by the players or league and I will be done as hard as it may be to do. When the league does not have enough money coming In To pay these spoiled young lads we will see what happens then to their attitudes.

  82. Melissa Duncan says:

    They are so disrespectful it makes me sick to even think about it. Guys. Take it to a different podium. Young kids look up to you and respect you. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Yes. It is freedom of speech but this is not the place to do it.

  83. Nancy Mendez says:

    I will not support the NFL if they keep disrespecting the flag

  84. Julian McCall says:

    These idiots are not Americans they are just money hungry idiots with no purpose but to disrupt America. Now let them all pay for it. All of them need to be fired and their businesses closed down permanently, no respect at all for any of them that took part in this disrespect to America

  85. I refuse to show respect to the NFL. My farther severed in the service for 28 years and you want me to go to a game or watch the most disrepectfull people so they can get paid ,I will not. I will stand against and Boycott.

  86. Brenda Peterson says:

    No NFL games at my house until the teams stop disrespecting the flag of this country. You want to disrespect the president do what you have to do but not standing for the national anthem is disrespecting every service man and woman that ever fought or died for this country

  87. Karen haskin says:

    We deserve to get our money refunded for every game they protest

  88. Karen haskin says:

    I feel we deserve a refund on our tickets (season) for every game they protest

  89. Tolleson says:

    Screw these proms donnas! Boycott everything to do with the NFL and NBA!

  90. Lewis J. Tolleson says:

    I will boycott everything to do with the NFL and NBA!

  91. Rai says:

    1- 212-450-2000 NFL to protest taking a knee to flag and anthem. Call Buffalo Bills 1-716-648-1800 to protest McCoy acting like he was peeing during the anthem and 1-201-935-8111 for NY Giants for his dog-like peeing to make a political point. Call 1-508-543-8200 for Patriots, Vikings 1-952-828-6500, Lions 1-313-262-2003, Dallas 1-972-556-9900, Falcons 1-770-965-3115, Steelers 1-412-432-7800, Texans 1-832-667-2002 , Browns 1-440-261-5772, Panthers 1-74-358-7000, Steelers 1-412-432-4800, Rams 1-818-338-0011, Saints1-504-733-0255 , Cardinals 1-314-345-9600, Jets 1-973-549-4800, Ravens 1-410-701-4000, Chiefs 1-816-920-9300, Bills 1-877-228-4257, Dolphins 1-305-943-8000, Bengals 1-413-621-3550, Buccaneers 1-800-795-2827, Colts 1-800-805-2658, Titans 1-615-565-4000, Greenbay 1-920-569-7871, Raiders 1-510-864-5000, Chargers 1-877-242-7437, Jaguars 1-904-633-6000. These are slack actions against our country and finger to our military and veterans Who do you think supports you and is your market anyway? Certainly, not liberals. STAND with America, our military and veterans, our flag, our President, our values – at attention, hand over heart, and hat off. Take a Knee in prayer Call and thank those who showed respect. We will respect teams who stand, put hand over heart and remove helmets. Please share. 30 million and growing, we stand with our President!We are your consumers. Grow up! Advertisers:Call Anheuser-Bush at 1-800-342-5283Rai


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