NFL BOYCOTT IN FULL FORCE: Empty Seats During Week 6 Show Just How Powerful It Is

The NFL players' protests are still in full force against the national anthem and President Donald Trump, however, fans have fired back at the league for not taking proper action, and as a result ticket sales have been declining fast.

The NFL used to be the most popular sports league in the country, but things are quickly changing thanks to the behavior of these professional athletes.

By kneeling during the national anthem, these players are trying to make themselves look like heroes. But NFL fans are outraged and have made it clear that they agree with President Trump.

We stand with the true Heroes, not a bunch of rich, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American brats.

According to ijr:

As more and more football players have protested during the national anthem and President Donald Trump has spoken out against them, fans have fired back at the National Football League for not taking action by boycotting, which has resulted in ticket sales plummeting.

Pictures of empty stadiums are the best way to see just how powerful the boycott truly is.






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