This Mother Of 8 Thinks She Is Too “Hot” To Work..Bleeding Welfare Dry

One of the greatest moments of pride that I ever had in my entire life is when I got my first paycheck from my first job, it was the first time I had consistent work.

I was just about to turn sixteen and I got handed an envelope with my check inside. I tore the thing open, looked at the amount and a big smile came across my face. Nobody gave this to me, I had worked for it.

When mother of eight, Marie Buchan, looked in the mirror one day, she decided right then and there that she was “too beautiful” to get a real job. Instead, she wanted to continue getting the nearly $30,000 in welfare benefits from the British government. While most single parents work their butts off to provide a good life for their children, Buchan refuses to do a single ounce of work. And she believes she has a justifiable reason for her refusal to work.

Every day, when she gazes into the mirror, she reminds herself about how she is too good looking to get a job in her career field. And the British government seems to be supporting her decision because they keep sending her checks in the mail.

Although she reminds herself about her good looks every day, her chosen field of work – as an auto mechanic – would not be a good place for her to make money, she thinks. Not because the job is tough or requires long hours, but because she would is too attractive and they wouldn’t hire her because of it. Buchan has made the recent decision to get breast augmentation surgery. And her boyfriend plans to pay for the expensive procedure. And a “hot” auto mechanic would simply not fit in at the job.

Although taxpayers are not fronting the cash for the cosmetic surgery, it is still strange that a mother of eight on welfare is spending thousands of dollars on surgery when the money could be put to good use to help her children’s future.

The public seems to believe that she seems capable of getting a job and her so-called “good looks” are not stopping anyone from hiring her. Instead, she seems to just be scamming the British government benefit system. She wants to keep getting the $30,000 of “free” money from taxpayers. If she got a real job, her government benefits would inevitably go down – and Buchan simply would not want that to happen.

Instead, Buchan has decided to become an auto mechanic – something she is wholly unqualified of doing. But she is taking classes at a local college in the effort to eventually become a mechanic.

In the past, she also worked as a caretaker on the weekends but quit that job when she started growing her family. And that was just 16-hours of work each week. But now she loves having the extra time off to spend with her kids while the British taxpayers fund her lifestyle.

While the government and taxpayers fund her life, Buchan continues to be surprised at how difficult it is to raise eight children. They all range between two-years and 13-years old. And they all have the same father.

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