Melania Sent Message To Hurricane Irma Victims, Suddenly Something DISGUSTING Happened

Hurricane Irma is a huge storm it is going to decimate the United States. President Trump is currently working hard with Florida Governor Rick Scott to get supplies to all the people affected and a state of emergency has been declared in Florida. It’s gonna be a big one.

In support, Melania Trump sent out a huge message of support for all the people that are going to be affected by the storm. She wrote, “If you are in or near projected path of Hurricane Irma please listen to local law enforcement in the area. Stay safe!!!”

Right on time, liberals started attacking her in the worst way.


6 comments on Melania Sent Message To Hurricane Irma Victims, Suddenly Something DISGUSTING Happened

  1. AL LWSON says:

    Caustic comments from a bitter democratic bunch of losers.Wake up TRUMP is PRESIDENT an instead of ridiculing him why dont you try to support hime and make AMERICA what it used to be . A BEACON OF HOPE TO THE WORLD

  2. Robert Therrien says:

    It just proves that there are still idiots at large in our nation.
    I thank you first Lady Melania Trump for your words of encouragement and concern for the people in Florida and Texas, This voter loves the way you are handling yourself as first Lady. What you would do as first Lady did enter into my decision to Vote for president Trump. I am still glad I did.

  3. DANIEL ATZERT says:


  4. Wildak8246 says:

    You ppl are disgusting with your remarks. She is a very gracious lady with a lot of class, which you apparently have none. You did not attack other first ladies or presidents the way you do the current ones. Have you no shame. What she wears is no concern of yours. You are plainly bullying.

  5. gay says:

    First Lady Melania, you are a very worthwhile woman; you are beautiful, intelligent, loving and these pigs don’t deserve to be in the same room. Ignore them..it makes them crazy

  6. Allan L says:

    These comments hit a new low for being moronic. Does cretin cover them?

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