Man Completely Disappears After Claiming He Had Some Serious Dirt on Crooked Killary Clinton

Alleged link between Trump and Russia, Joseph Mifsud, has now mysteriously fallen off the face of the earth.

Joseph Mifsud

Joseph Mifsud is a professor in Rome that has been accused of commenting on the Russian allegations surrounding President Trump and Hillary Clinton. Sources say that Mifsud claimed to have personal knowledge of ‘dirt' on Hillary in the form of thousands of documents currently in the possession of Moscow officials, a claim that Mifsud attempted to rebuke. Despite his efforts to distance himself from these allegations, Mifsud has been named as ‘foreign contact #1' by Robert Mueller's special counsel and this so-called rumor is gaining more and more validation. In response Joseph Mifsud has completely removed himself from the public eye and gone into hiding which seems highly suspect considering Hillary's past record of having informants mysteriously ‘disappear' before having the opportunity to reveal what they know.

Via Conservative Tribune:

According to CNN, Mifsud disappeared last Thursday from Rome, where he teaches at a university. Attempts to reach him have been futile.

While Mifsud had claimed he had never talked about Russian “dirt” on Clinton, one of his colleagues said that he frequently boasted that Moscow had “compromising material” on the Democrat presidential candidate.

Mifsud was apparently interviewed earlier this year by the FBI. He was also identified as “Foreign Contact 1” in an affidavit filed by the government in which George Papadopoulos — the Trump campaign volunteer who pleaded guilty to lying to federal officials — said Mifsud claimed Russia had “thousands of emails” related to Clinton.

Mifsud is yet another odd bird to present itself in the Clinton/Trump/Russia saga. CNN says that those who knew him say that the professor “was always networking and often exaggerated his access to decision-makers,” including passing himself off as an ambassador when he held no such post.

Regardless of which side Mifsud has evidence against, his disappearance suggests that the special counsel's investigation isn't going in his favor.

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