Another Liberal City About To Go Bankrupt Unless They’re Bailed Out

Yet another liberal city is in major financial trouble. Wall Street Journal has the story of decline and financial distress coming out of Hartford, Connecticut, which says it will soon file for bankruptcy unless the government steps in with cash.

Officials in Hartford told Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy that they’re going to have to file for bankruptcy in 60 days if they don’t get a bailout from the state government or a motion from the state legislature to increase funding. The city’s deficit is close to $50 million. What is it about a liberal city racking up enormous debt? (Not to mention liberal cities coming up with absolutely ridiculous ways to fight crime).

In the letter to Malloy, signed by various city officials and Hartford’s Democratic Mayor Luke Bronin, the situation was referred to as “the greatest fiscal crisis in our city’s history.”

In the letter to Malloy, signed by various city officials and Hartford’s Democratic Mayor Luke Bronin, the situation was referred to as “the greatest fiscal crisis in our city’s history.”

Malloy’s office said it’s looking into the situation and taking steps to deal with it.

“We continue to hope to have a full budget adopted by October to mitigate the harm and avoid having towns or cities go through reorganization,” his office said.

Malloy is pretty busy with other things, too.

Connecticut’s finances are doing very poorly. It still hasn’t passed a budget for this fiscal year and has a $3.5 billion spending gap. The state is running from an executive order signed by Malloy that cut vital funding to cities and towns across the Keystone state.

Fun times.

Connecticut’s state House plans to vote on the budget by Sept. 14, but the state’s representatives still don’t have an actual plan for how they will bail out the capital city of Hartford. It’s also unknown if they have the votes to pass a bill.

Recently, bankruptcies have rocked the Left Coast. San Bernardino and Stockon, California both went bankrupt in 2012.

Hartford has been hit especially hard by the cost of healthcare and pensions. It owes about $180 million for debt service, health services, pensions and other costs this year. That adds up to half the city’s budget if you don’t count education.

The city also wants the state legislature to make a new committee to deal with arguments with labor unions.

Sounds like exactly the kind of situation a liberal city would get into, doesn’t it?

16 comments on Another Liberal City About To Go Bankrupt Unless They’re Bailed Out

  1. jwood1952 says:

    In Ca. don’t forget Vallejo, they were the first, San Diego, almost, San Jose, Almost & of course Ca. guaranteed to come. There were other liberal towns in Ca as well. You hear Californians always cite, “We’re the 5th largest economy in the world”, and it’s lucky we are, but if you spend like a rehabbed hollywood actor all your life, you can still go broke. And we have. Talk about stupid liberals….

  2. Craig says:

    Let it try to file bankruptcy…and then the courts will not allow it. Liberal cities always want someone else to cover their mistakes, and pay for their overspending…buck up buttheads…you need to fix it yourself. No bankruptcy, you better cut spending.. I suggest you start with the over burdensome staff of your politicians..

  3. JOHN says:

    Socialism at its best. LMAO.

  4. Jim says:

    Isn’t PA the Keystone state ?????????????????????????????????

  5. Ken says:

    that is like one of your neighbors telling you that if we all did not chip in and pay for his house it would be our fault that he lost it.

  6. George says:

    Don;t bale them out, they do the things that they do, then they want to not only steal their own people money to do things that is unlawful, they now want to steal other states money to keep their stander of living while lowering ours.

  7. Judy Allen says:

    Let them all fall. The individual states can bail them out if they want. The rest of America should not have to foot the bill. Democrats promise and sometimes will give you the moon for a vote. Then they drain the assets for themselves. If the people of that city keep voting them in, then they need to pay for their idiotic choice.

  8. DADDY KICKASS says:


  9. Bob Brennan says:

    I wonder is this another Democratic run city. No bailouts live with in your limits.

  10. Charles Sproull says:

    Liberals are dishonest and can’t manage finances.

  11. George says:

    Another liberal city democratic what did you expect , spend and give everyone what they want without looking to see what you have left and where the rest is coming from , celebrate today too hell with tomorrow !! Tomorrow is here and so is the headache !!

  12. Gary Gray says:

    They put themselves in this situation. Let them get there self out of it.

  13. Ely says:

    It’s all mismanagement and bad politics! Nothing more , nothing less

  14. Carol Jones says:

    Send city officials to Tyler, Texas. They are self sustaining and are not in any debt. People come from all over the world to see their model.

  15. That’s the MSM, (Moron Supremacy Movement), for you…….

  16. Perhaps they might take a hard look at their gun laws. Connecticut in general, Hartford in particular, formerly was the heart of the US firearms industry. With an anti-gun political leadership, all those jobs have migrated away. Just sayin’.

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