Just Moments Before NFL Sunday Started, President Trump Stood Up And Did What NOBODY Saw Coming

On Friday night President Trump made an extraordinary move and he declared war on all NFL players who kneel during the presentation of the National Anthem.

The athletes told him to back off. The league told him to back off. The media told. Celebrities told him to back off. But what did he do? He hit back harder!

Early this morning, at the crack of dawn, the President got out of bed, grabbed his trusty phone, and let the world know that NFL fans should STOP going to the games until they respect the flag AND they should fire or suspend anyone who breaks the rule.

Those are some VERY harsh words from the President, who has never hidden his feelings about athletes kneeling during the national anthem. He has made it clear that protest is fine (just look around the country), but disrespecting those who have given their lives for our great nation to do it is now.

Look, the president is not trying to arrest these athletes. They didn’t break the law. He is also not punishing the teams who defend them since they have EVERY right to do so. He is simply voicing his opinion that it should be taken more seriously.

Just like the President, each and every one of you is entitled to voice that opinion thanks to the First Amendment. So tell us what you think. Should the NFL suspend or fire these athletes or should they be allowed to kneel during the national anthem? Oh, and help spread this everywhere. 😉

9 comments on Just Moments Before NFL Sunday Started, President Trump Stood Up And Did What NOBODY Saw Coming

  1. Don womble says:

    I’m with the president, I will not watch till they all stand up . Boycott the NFL and its sponsors

  2. Thomas Thorp says:

    The bottom line – we pay to watch these sporting events – not to watch these
    ungrateful snobs act out their grievances with life. So they should get their💩
    together before we cancelled or subscriptions and turn the channels.

  3. Patricia Rothfuchs says:

    I think that they should stand,they don’t have to put there hands on there hearts but at less stand to respect the Flag and what the flag stands for!!! We have lost so many young people who believe in what the Flag stands for!! If not for there sacrifice the players wouldn’t get to do or get payed as much as they do. Doesn’t cost them anything to just stand ! If the players doesn’t respect the flag then they need to leave!!
    The only reason they are doing this is to get attention,will you make me sick!!!
    Grow up players and act like a man not a spoiled rich brat!!!

  4. Pat Bordner says:

    They should be fired! Stop wasting tv time playing their game!!! They’re overpaid crybabies


    Don’t fine or suspend. Just adjust the salaries based on the loss of revenue because of the disrespect. People need to band together to hurt the NFL and the teams in the pocket. Money is all they care about.

  6. Debbie Page says:

    Fans should quit supporting them!

  7. Thomas Cotter says:

    If you choose to sit for our national anthem then you can sit and not get paid for the game you play. protest is fine, disrespect for our flag and national anthem is the wrong way !!

  8. Rick Fleming says:

    We need to draft all professional athletes, who disrespect our flag and country, into the military immediately!

  9. Mary Ann says:

    Fire them. When they walk into our military and fight for our freedom then I’ll listen. Until then go to hell. 😡

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