Dallas Cowboys Owner JERRY JONES Tells Players: “Stand For The National Anthem Or Your Ass Is Off The Team”

I personally have had enough of these overpaid, spoiled athletes trying to make political statements while millions of people are tuned in to watch a sport to get their mind OFF of politics.

It’s no secret that NFL ratings have tanked after the Kaepernick “protests.” Those protests aren’t working out too well for Kaepernick as he struggled to find even a back up QB job. Well, Jerry Jones is making sure that doesn’t happen in Dallas. He told the Cowboys players, “stand for the anthem or your @ss is off the team!”

Some people question the character of the Cowboys. Others will call out Jerry Jones. But there are a few things for sure: The Cowboys are Jerry Jones’ team and he loves his country.

Make no mistake about it, Jones expects certain things out of the players on his team. He wants commitment and loyalty. Since he pays their salaries isn’t it reasonable that he can set some expectations?

Any of the players on the team who don’t respect this have the option of not signing a contract with the Cowboys and joining another team. The other teams out there will let you disrespect the American flag, but Jerry Jones will not.

Here is that punk Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem.

Per CBS Local:

As the Dallas Cowboys begin training camp, Owner Jerry Jones wants to make one thing very clear to his team before the 2017 NFL season begins.

If any of his players want to take a knee during the National Anthem, don’t expect to see them on the roster for much longer.

Last season, Jones told CBS Radio’s 105.3 The Fan, “I got to give a big pat on the back to our entire team, our coaching staff, our entire organization. We strongly, strongly support the flag in every way we support — and it’s almost ridiculous to be saying it — the people who for generations and generations have given it all up so that we can get out here and show off in front of millions of people on television.”

We’ll see which Cowboys are standing and still want to be employed as they kick off the NFL’s pre-season taking on the Arizona Cardinals in the Hall of Fame game on Thursday, August 3.

Reasons like this are why the Cowboys have so many rabid fans. What do you think about what Jerry Jones told his team? Did he take things too far? Let us know in the comment section.




41 comments on Dallas Cowboys Owner JERRY JONES Tells Players: “Stand For The National Anthem Or Your Ass Is Off The Team”

  1. Greg Smith says:

    Thank you Jerry looks like Dallas is the only team I will be supporting

  2. Rondal L Brooks says:

    Amen to Jerry, All owners should do the same thing. If any player is tht ungrateful of our country colors they don’t deserve the ridiculous salaries they are being paid. I guess they believe tha they are above the rest of us proud Americans.

  3. Alex k says:

    No he did not take it to far at all, it’s about time we stand up to these cry babies, men an worman have given there life for this country and to disrespect them is horrible. Hats off to jimmy an we need more men like him.

    1. Sophia Booty says:

      Not about the country or military…get educated

    2. Lynne Jones says:

      Absolutely!! Good job Jerry Jones!!!

  4. Fred Cox says:

    Strange… no mention of these comments on the team’s website… wouldn’t you think they would be there?.. fake news?

    1. Debbie Burley says:

      Not fake news. He told entire staff they work for him and they will stand.

  5. thank you so glad someone took a stand do not want to watch football for politics

  6. Robin says:

    Very proud of you Jerry I just hope all the other owners do the same thing. Players who take a knee or won’t even come on the field to honor our flag and what has been sacrificed by our military for this great country is a disgrace. The players who do not want to stand need to stay in the locker room and when the anthem is over they then can come out and let the fans boo them back into the locker room..

  7. Alice j. Marques says:

    Congratulations to Jimmy. Need note like him.

    1. Alice j. Marques says:

      Oops.meant to say Jerry.. We need more like him.

  8. Patti Mauck says:

    Way to go Jerry!! All other owners should do the same!!

  9. Daniel Gillman says:

    Wish more NFL owners had the balls Jerry Jones have. Then we wouldn’t be having this crap…..

  10. Tina says:

    Hats off to Jerry Jones!!!! Just another reason why I will always be a Cowboy’s fan!!! If you can’t respect the country you live in then by all means leave!!!

  11. Julia says:

    Impeach Donald Trump

  12. Cwatson says:

    Kudos to J.J!
    I would think the entire team should understand, especially those that want to take a knee. Arent the only taking a knee to express their disagreement? So Jerry is only expressing his right to freedom of choice. Right? It is his team, right? He pays the salary to all. It is his choice. His right to run a business as he deems fit, and responsible. Those that do not agree/like his choice, have the choice to leave the team. Continue their protest on another platform. Lets not have a double standard here- the players can choose how and why they protest, then the owners of teams have the right to choose the way they want to protest.

  13. Ann Marie Olson says:

    AMEN!!! I hope this is true as I am really proud of him!! I may have to become a Dallas Cowboy fan if this is true!!

  14. Way to go Jerry. Not a cowboys fan but u definitely have my respect. Not watching fb this year and hope ratings plummet so all those disrespecting the flag can lose money

  15. I have been a Cowboy fan since the The Dandy Don days. But if this is true about what Jerry is saying, I will be cheering for the Eagles, Washington, or Giants from now on.

  16. Jenn says:

    I absolutely love it we watch sports to help us forget about everything going on in the world. If I was to disrespect my boss I would have a job how is this any different??

  17. MICK ALEXANDER says:

    It is so refreshing to see a owner who believes in America. I am no longer a 12 or a Sea .Chickens fan. I hope the viewers contact the stupid companies paying for ads and let them no they are supporting losers. Jerry you will have a brand new following. Bless you!

  18. Jason says:

    I have Never been a Dallas Cowboy’s fan. But it Looks like I will be supporting. More owners need to follow Jerry way.

  19. Donna says:

    I am so proud of him ; I hope other s follow suit ! If you let one do it they all will do what ever they want ! Besides –I think they all get way over paid !

  20. Nanna says:

    United States Code, 36 U.S.C. § 301, states that during a rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart; Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present and not in uniform may render the military salute; men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold the headdress at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note; and when the flag is not displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed. Military law requires all vehicles on the installation to stop when the song is played and all individuals outside to stand at attention and face the direction of the music and either salute, in uniform, or place the right hand over the heart, if out of uniform. A law passed in 2008 allows military veterans to salute out of uniform, as well.[55][56]
    Copy and pasted from another patriotic DEPLORABLE AMERICAN 🇺🇸🇺🇸 and in the words of Lee Greenwood, “God Bless the USA”!!!

  21. Pete Guys says:

    I can’t believe the disrespect of our country’s flag is coming to the forefront by people who are extremely over paid and fortunate to be where they are. What in the hell is going on with these people, they are supposed to be role models for our kids, I would never allow my kids see anyone disrespect our country like that. Mr. Jones I thank you for your strong message to America’s Team. I wish all would follow.

  22. Mike Capriglione says:

    Jerrry Jones you are a true patriot.

  23. Jim says:

    The players have a constitutional right to express whatever they want. Freedom of speech means defending the people you disagree with. However, the man writing the checks has the bigger right to decide the conditions under which he writes those checks. Especially when his employee’s freedom of speach is effecting his profits.

  24. Rich says:

    Thank you Jerry. Nice to see a owner take a stand. I have new respect for Jerry and the Cowboys.

  25. Buffie says:

    I agree with him 💯 %..the people that has & still is fighting for our country is the reason why they are playing football today…they should respect our flag & our veterans..way to go Jerry, please keep your promise..

  26. Mr. Wiseman says:

    “Abusers of women, however, are always welcome with open arms!”
    ~ Jerry Jones

  27. Luciel Pazdersky says:

    Thank You Jerry Jones!
    God Bless You and Your Team!

  28. Linda Bernet says:

    Thank you Jerry Jones for showing for making a STAND and letting your players know what is expected of them if they want to play for the Cowboys!! Wish more owners of NFL teams had the balls to not worry about winning and worry more about showing respect where respect is deserved!!!

  29. Barb Becker says:

    I’m leaving Ravens
    Cowboys you are my new team

  30. scouter711 says:

    Jerry has the right idea man up to these squirrels who think they run the team!

  31. Clarence Cupples says:

    America’s team does what’s right thank you Jerry

  32. JIMMY THOME says:


  33. PAUL TAPIA says:

    Good deal it’s true, keep politics out of sports and play the game . It’s also true and I believe as a Veteran the the American flag will be respected because as a Veteran and most with agree there’s things that we’ve seen that no others should or go thru. The individuals kneeling or not standing have a misunderstanding of America. Our freedom has a price and do many have given the ultimate price… Their lives !! Stand the F*** UP or move. Great belief system Jerry !!! Go Cowboys !!!

  34. Vickie Smith says:

    I find Mr. Jones very refreshing and I totally agree and respect him in his matter. I wonder what our military thought when they took time to tune in to any game to only see the actions of the players this past weekend! I know that when I am at home and hear the National Anthem playing on the radio or television I stand. I do this out of respect for the men and women that gave their all to make sure we are safe here at home. Thank you Mr. Jones and your team.

  35. Duane says:

    He says that then but on Monday night football he decided to kneel with the players so which side does he really stand for the guys who he pays or the people who give him there hard earned money to watch his team

  36. Serjlah says:

    Other teams will pick you up.
    Can’t have 45th to call professional name (SOB) ridiculous.
    Where is the 45th decency as a president

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