IT’S OVER: What Trump Just Announced Will RUIN The NFL & Make Players Regret Taking a Knee

After another Sunday of NFL players disrespecting the flag and the anthem, President Trump just announced something that could CRIPPLE the league.

He just Tweeted out that Congress should END the NFL’s tax-breaks.

These tax-breaks gives them MASSIVE taxpayer subsidies while disrespecting the flag, and the country.

And a Republican Congressman is following through on Trump’s idea!

SOURCE: Twitter

Yesterday, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) introduced a bill to END the NFL’s tax-exempt status. Rep. Gaetz said there are tax loopholes that are in place for the NFL and those can be ended immediately. Gaetz said taxpayers should not be forced to pay for these anti-American protests. (Video below)

WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook if you stand with President Trump and Rep. Gaetz against these anti-American protests by millionaire athletes!

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