JUST IN: #IStandWithBrett Video OUTRAGES Democrats

JUST IN: Female Friends and Colleagues of Judge Kavanaugh Speak Out: “We are proud to stand with Brett.” [Video] #IStandWithBrett.

Female friends and colleagues of Brett Kavanaugh have been stepping forward to stand up for him and the integrity they have seen in him.

This is a huge thing for these women to do as they will now be a target for the hate coming from the left. Most of the woman who stood for him have known him for decades.

“It would have been a lot easier not to come here today. This is not particularly fun, but it wouldn’t have been right.”

“We are proud to stand with Brett.”

Women from EVERY PHASE of Brett Kavanaugh stood up for him.

They confidently stated that the accusations against him are false and they PROUDLY stand with him.

This man deserves to be in the Supreme Court. This is the type of strong family man whom we need there in that position within the Supreme Court.

CNN interviewed five republican women in regards to the allegations leveled against Brett Kavanaugh and all five agreed that they believed his innocence.

Senator Grassley invited Judge Brett Kavanaugh to testify on Monday in front of congress about the 36-year-old allegations and Kavanaugh has since responded to the invitation in a letter:

As you can see, Judge Kavanaugh is ready and willing to testify so he can put these claims to rest and clear his name once and for all.

He “categorically and unequivocally” denies the allegations and is committed to defending his name that has been slandered all over national tv.

This political pawn couldn't be any clearer. Many women don't like my view on it. “How are you so sure she isn't telling the truth??” “She should be heard!” “What if it was your teenage daughter!?”

My answer is simple. How am I so sure? Honey, follow the evidence. Her background as a far left, pro-choice, p***y hat wearing, Hillary and Bernie supporter, her demands for a Thursday testimony (to keep Kavanaugh from getting confirmed which will leave him off the bench during the SC's next session), her demand for no lawyers during the testimony, her demands for Kavanaugh to testify first (so she can get her story straight?), The denial of her alleged assault from 3 of the 5 people she named, and the cherry on top, her impeccable timing of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings.

If she's lying and using this to stop Kavanaugh, no, she shouldn't be heard. Ruining the life and reputation of an innocent man is disgusting. And what if it was my daughter? My daughter wouldn't ruin the life of another human being for the sake of politics.  Share this if you agree!

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