Heroic Iraq Veteran Risks Own Life To Save Stranger from Fiery Car Explosion

In an epic display of bravery and heroism an Iraq veteran, Staff Sgt. Cory Hinkle, used his body as a human shield while rescuing a woman from a burning vehicle set to explode.

Cory Hinkle

As a result of a head-on collision in North Carolina, Brandy Guin found herself with a broken ankle behind the wheel of a vehicle that was now on fire. However instead of this story ending in tragedy Guin has rescued thanks to to the bravery and quick actions of two men including, Cory Hinkle. Guin was pulled from the burning vehicle moments before a possibly fatal explosion occurred and Hinkle used his body as a human shield to stop any shrapnel from hitting the woman he had just heroically saved.

Via Fox News:

Staff Sgt. Cory Hinkle of the North Carolina National Guard reacted quickly on Monday when he saw a head-on crash in Shelby, N.C., local news outlets reported.

Hinkle and another man rescued the woman, Brandy Guin, from her car and then he shielded her body with his as the car exploded.

“I’ve been in the military for 15 years,” Hinkle told the Shelby Star newspaper. “It’s instinct for me. I made the decision right then that if something came off the car, it’d have to go through me first.”

Hinkle served in Iraq where he cleared roadside bombs, WSOC-TV reported. A bomb once blew up near him.

Cory Hinkle

To continue proving what an upstanding soldier Cory Hinkle truly is, on top of shielding Brandy Guin he also stopped by the hospital to visit and check up on her well-being.

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