Instead Of Calling For Gun Control, Taylor Swift Just Did Something INCREDIBLE For Police Officers

Well, folks, the unthinkable has just happened. Just when you though all of Hollywood had gone and lost their minds, Taylor Swift steps up and shows them how Americans SHOULD act.

You see, most of the major celebs out there used the horrible Las Vegas shooting as an opportunity to push gun control. Swift, on the other hand, decided to make it all about the hero cops who stopped the shooter.

When Taylor Swift heard that cops had been shot and even killed in the line of duty. She decided to show her own local cops, some of whom were injured at the concert, love that is so rarely shown to police by sending the entire department bouquets of flowers.

Even more to her credit, it was not just some lame PR stunt. In fact, Taylor Swift didn’t let anyone know what she was doing. The news broke when the officer who was shot, LAPD Intel Analyst Kimberlee shared out the pictures of the bouquet she received from Swift.

Source: Instagram

Isn’t it a shame that more celebrities or even people, in general, cannot take a second to do an act of kindness for their local police? Let’s she them all how it’s done by sharing this out and leave a big old “Thank You” for Taylor Swift.

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