Football Coach Fired for Kneeling in Prayer SLAMS the NFL

Every movement liberals deign to support maintains hypocrisy which is evident seeing as NFL players can kneel in protest while Christians are fired for doing the same in prayer.

Joe Kennedy

Before the NFL controversy stole the American airwaves one coach for a High School football team was fired for practicing the same American ‘rights' these entitled NFL players are privileged enough to portray while claiming oppression.

Joe Kennedy is a devote Christian who openly displayed his love and guidance from Jesus by praying before football events to which he received walking papers from the school board. Now in light of NFL protesters being supported by the liberal media, Joe Kennedy wants answers to why it's ok for them and not for him?

Via Breitbart:

The Washington state high school football coach who was suspended and later fired for kneeling in prayer after each game is demanding the same rights as NFL players who kneel in protest before games.

“I can’t wrap my brain around it,” Kennedy said on Fox News Channel’s “The Story.” “I’m a Marine. I just want the same rights as everybody else.”

Host Martha MacCallum noted how former NFL player Tim Tebow was mocked for praying on the field, and Kennedy added that he admired Tebow because “stood up for what he believed in.”

“Everyone has difference of opinion. Being a Marine, we fought to defend [these] rights,” he said.

This is the response Americans have for over privileged NFL players who believe that somehow their actions put them above not only the law, but above other Americans who didn't receive the same acceptance because they aren't famous football players.

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