Is This The Dumbest Post From A College Student You’ve Ever Seen?

Steve Straub reports yet another college in the United States is suffering a massive budget deficit caused by an “unexpected” decline in enrollment after allowing radical professors and students to engage in a series of disturbances.

This time the school in question is Oberlin College, a small private school in Ohio with 2,900 students and the average cost of tuition plus room and board is $69,372 per year.

The student newspaper, the Oberlin Review, reports the school is facing a $5 million shortfall for the 2017-2018 school year because of lower student enrollment and other losses of revenue (donations).

The chairman of Oberlin’s board of trustees, Chris Canavan, announced the financial woes in an email sent to professors and administrators this summer. The student newspaper obtained and published the full email late last week.

“As many of you already know, Oberlin’s primary source of revenue, student charges, will fall well short of our target because the incoming class is smaller than we expected and fewer students will return next year,” Canavan wrote. “There is no avoiding the financial impact of these shortfalls. Although we had already reduced budgets across the institution for next year, this shortfall in student charges will generate a deficit of about $5 million.”

Oberlin obtains more than 80 percent of its annual operating budget from tuition and other student charges.

Administrators at the private school had hoped to enroll 805 new students this fall. However, only 742 new students actually showed up on campus.

School officials had a cautious total enrollment target of 2,895 students for the fall 2017 semester but actual total enrollment is just 2,815 students currently.

The member of the board of trustees “hope(s) that this enrollment shock is a transitory one,” but they don’t know what the future holds.

Who could have ever predicted that letting radical professors, students and other left wing “protesters” run wild would have an impact on enrollment and revenue?

While this time Oberlin is feeling the impact of giving in to leftist demands, it’s just another symptom of the rot that is at the center of colleges and universities all across the United States of America.

Over the past 40 years the left has completely taken over the vast majority of colleges and universities and they are no longer training centers for young minds but, first and foremost, indoctrination centers for impressionable young people.

The mission of indoctrination in fact seems to be of a higher priority for many schools than imparting students with knowledge and skills they can use to be productive in private industry and government.

Until, and unless this changes, it behooves parents and students to be extraordinarily careful as to what college or university they choose to invest time, effort and money in.

Send your child or grandchild to a school that teaches the valuable skills so they can succeed in the marketplace.


It also behooves employers to be extra careful when hiring to be sure a prospective applicant is not from a school that prioritizes social justice over actual knowledge and useful skills.

After all no one wants to hire a special snowflake who melts at the slightest imaginary “offense,” can’t handle the pressures of the real world and needs a “safe space” to retreat to.

So until, and unless this all changes, expect to see more colleges and universities suffer “unexpected” declines in enrollment and revenue.

What do you think about this? Are you surprised Oberlin’s enrollment is falling or is this just the expected consequence of giving into and appeasing leftists?

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