Disgusting: First It Was Sexual Misconduct Now Insanely Racist Video Of Kimmel Surfaces

Kirsters Baish| It goes without saying that black face make-up is 100 percent wrong. That’s why we don’t tolerate it in our society at all anymore. Anyone who tries to go against this social stigma is subject to being ridiculed and hated, justifiably so. Interestingly enough, Leftist comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who has built himself up to be the “nice guy,” isn’t as nice as Americans thought. After a video clip from “The Man Show” surfaced recently which showed Kimmel sexually assaulting attractive young women by asking them to feel what was in his pants, a new video has emerged that has Kimmel in more hot water. Not only is this guy on the line for sexual misconduct now, but he’s being accused of being racist.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, joined by David Alan Grier, two the worked to stop the “immoral discrimination against white people.” You’re reading that right. We can’t make this crap up.

“It all started back in the 1700s when black people took all the seats in the slave ships for themselves, leaving room for only a few white people up top. Then we black people have continued our discriminatory ways: we forced white people into all white neighborhoods and brutally caucasian public schools. Our police are so focused on serving us, they barely even pay attention to white people, and whites are discriminated against in major sectors of our economy, from the NBA to hip-hop to even Tyler Perry movies. It’s so bad that white people had no choice but to create their own all-white government — and they can’t get a damn thing done,”Grier stated. During the show, Grier also spoke directly to authorities, asking them to give white people of America a chance.

Unfortunately for the leftist comedian, Kimmel wrecked himself. He crossed a dangerous line when he decided to put on black face for a skit. Yup, the liberal Hollywood celebrity thought it was a good idea to pretend he was black and mock African Americans on television. This video clip is truly disgraceful. There is no excuse for Kimmel’s despicable actions.

Kimmel’s career seems to be going right down the tubes at this point. I’d like to see him try to talk his way out of this one. Americans deserve to know the truth about this man who claims to be such a great guy. I’m sure Kimmel is going to come up with some crazy lies to cover up how wrong he truly was for even doing the skit. Kimmel has made his mistakes, and now he’s going to have to lay in the grave that he’s dug for himself, because I can’t imagine him making his way back from this.

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