Ben Carson Just Revealed What He Thinks About NFL Protests And It INSTANTLY Went Viral

Many people have reacted to the national anthem’s protests. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former presidential candidate Ben Carson made a statement on the issue today. He followed up the comments from President Trump in Alabama.

Trump said during the rally that he’d “love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag, to say “Get that son of a b–––– off the field right now. Out. He’s fired! He’s fired.”  Here is his statement below. 

Ben Carson said on his Facebook that NFL Sundays used to be fun to watch and that has all changed since the protests. He wrote:

Here we are at another NFL Sunday. That used to represent a time of fun, games and unity. I hope we can return to that situation soon.”

He then continued by saying that even though everyone has a right to express themselves… there is a “time and place for everything. Last week I saw a story about pre-adolescent players being drawn into the ‘take a knee’ protests. Does anyone honestly believe that encouraging even our youth to believe they are victims of our society will actually help us come together”

He didn’t let up: “We would encourage them and all Americans to utilize their influence to truly draw people together and not be manipulated into doing the opposite under the guise of unity.”

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2 comments on Ben Carson Just Revealed What He Thinks About NFL Protests And It INSTANTLY Went Viral

  1. Norma says:

    Ben Carson you have a godly way with wisdom and common sense. Thank you. If what we sow brings up disorder, hate, division, what good will come of it? I vividly remember how the left was moaning, groaning, complaining, whining, that they were being judged, and spitting back the scripture “do not judge” into people on the right. Now the table has turned but their “judging” America, military (dishonoring flag and country), etc is ok? Mortal man cannot justly judge everyone’s heart because only GOD can see into the motive of a human heart. ie: it is wrong to judge “ALL” policeman that they have racism, evil in their heart! That’s what investigation and courts do; find evidence and weigh it. I’m fed up with all this ?protest? scenario because nothing good is coming from it, and nothing good has been accomplished. Glad I follow GOD of the Bible who only made one race, in His image, and that’s the human race, and His message is to love others as you love yourself!

  2. Debbie says:

    Thank you Ben Carson for being the voice of a person with a heart and love for our country, and having so much common sense when the facts are in front of you. What happened to being the strongest country called The United States of America. Where is the unity?

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