Antifa Leader Yvette Falarca Arrested for Battery at ‘Patriot Prayer’ in Berkeley

At least three people and members of Antifa were arrested on Tuesday for battery and resisting arrest during a Patriot Prayer march and rally in Berkeley.

Among these protesters was Yvonne Felarca, a far-left middle-school teacher and a leader of the Antifa Communist group.

Yvonne Felarca is 47 years old and a resident in Oakland. She was put in handcuffs during an event put together by Joey Gibson, known as the leader of Patriot Prayer, in Berkeley’s famous Sproul Plaza.

Some protesters in the area chanted “Let her go!” as Yvonne Flearca was arrested and taken into custody.

Felarca was also charged for physically assaulting an individual with a neo-Nazi flag in July of 2016 in Sacramento. She is just one of the many who were charged and arrested at the Patriot Prayer. 

Watch the Video:

Reported by breitbart:

According to Berkeley police, “Eddy Robinson, 47, of Oakland, was arrested near Telegraph Ave/Bancroft Way on charges of participating in a riot and resisting arrest.”

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Ricky Monzon, 20, of Las Vegas, was also arrested on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon; and Brandon Witte, 21, of Rocklin, was arrested on suspicion of illegal possession of body armor and violating probation.

In August, other members of Antifa were similarly arrested for “various violations” during what was meant to be a peaceful protest and counter-protest in Berkeley. The one-sided nature of the violence drew national attention to the problem of Antifa and provoked some Democratic Party leaders to condemn it explicitly.

“There are some disgusting things happening in Berkeley,” Gibson said in a Facebook video Monday, adding his intention to expose “the evil that exists in Berkeley. … We will destroy your narrative, you will never be able to stop us.”

Gibson’s planned 2 p.m. rally began at Sproul Plaza and stretched to People’s Park, where members supporting Patriot Prayer gave speeches.

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