Mr. Brutally Honest

In my years of working on ranches and seeing the different states that I worked in on ranches we always stayed busy working cattle, taking care of the land, trying to produce a healthy herd of cattle that supports not only the ranch but also the consumers.
Even while working the ranches as a single man I was always hearing from land owners and ranchers and farmers about how the government in one form or another is destroying this country. How they are manipulating the markets so one can hardly survive. How the prices of meat and crops are down but how the taxes and seeds and vaccines are constantly rising. How in some way or another the government always rules what a man has to do no matter what in order to try to be prosperous but never get ahead.
When President Reagan was in office I really started paying attention to how the tyrants of the government dictated our lives with their tyrannical rule but yet always blames the people because something was not working or because people was staring to see how the government was getting to large.
Over the course of the next 5 presidents I truly begin to see a decline not only in Americana but also I seen how the people that the government was supposed to represent had changed. It became a growth of Power and Corruption and demanded that people followed along as sheep and just put all their trust into the government as it grew so large that the Legislators no longer represented the people but they controlled us with all their misgivings. Plus demanded that they know better than we do on how we should live.
As a person that lived everyday by the sweat of my brow and back breaking labor at times, I asked myself a lot, “Why is nobody saying anything out loud about all the troubles going on in the fly over states that are the backbone to this country?” Something has to change. We need to start being heard about how this country has forgotten who we are and what we stand for.
During the Bundy standoffs and at the point of Lavoy Finicum being executed I realized it was time for something to happen. I could not just not sit quietly by and not say something any more.
It was at this time that I began down the path of telling my opinions on all that I see wrong in the governments on all levels. City, county, state, federal. Plus all the corruption and greed and misgivings that is forced upon us every day.
I came to the conclusion that it is time for all to hear from us, We The People, all that work in the different seats of office, no matter who they are work for Us. We Do NOT work for them.
Thus started the Mr. Brutally Honest Show.
An opinion page that is from a hard working family that thanks the good Lord up above for all the blessings bestowed upon them and just plain ole country folks that do not live in a town or city.
We strive every day to better ourselves and to learn something new everyday that we did not know anything about already.
So with the help of my beautiful Donna Jo Marchbanks IE Mrs. Brutally Honest and my cousin Kyu Tee Lee, we have started putting this page together to enlighten all on a country folks opinion of just what is happening in our country and why we need to get back to the Constitution and become a Republic once more.
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