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CASE CLOSED: What Mueller Was Just Caught Secretly Doing With The Russians Is Horrifying

Mueller is a dirtbag and so is McCabe. Rosenstein is in on it too. Put the Clinton’s in jail. No hope for bail. Two scoops for me and you. Check this out.

From Today’s report, we found out that Robert Mueller helped quash case involving Hillary and the Russians.

Then Rod Rosenstein oversaw the investigation into the Uranium one scandal involving Hillary and the Russians. He is now President Trump’s Deputy Attorney General.

Andrew McCabe was assistant Deputy FBI director during Uranium One Deal and is now assistant FBI Director.

All the roads are leading back to Hillary Clinton. This is absolutely stunning. Before Obama approved the controversial America Uranium deal that gave 20% of our Uranium to Russia, the FBI knew that Russian industry officials were issuing kickbacks, extortion and money laundering to help Vladimir Putin, according to the Hill.

The evidence shows that Mosco compromised American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, admitted the FBI in court documents.

According to eyewitnesses, Russian nuclear officials had sent millions to Bill Clinton’s foundation while Hillary Clinton was working as Secretary of State.

The deal that was initiated by Hillary Clinton gave Putin ownership of 20% of US uranium, according to Senator John Barrasso (R-WY).

This means that Trump was right and that Mueller, Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe are the people driving the case against Donald Trump for so-called “Russian collusion.” Remember what he said?

They previously covered up collusion with Russia and Hillary Clinton. Why would they do anything different now?

Share this immediately so that Trump gets the news ASAP. We need to save our President. The Russian investigation needs to frickin’ stop now.

Muslim Lawmaker’s ROTTEN Secret Exposed — She’s Married To…

In the last couple of months we have heard about the private existence of the general population hirelings and skepticism within the Democratic party.

The true demeanor of the left has been uncovered, alongside with the animosity and bitterness within them. Corrupt people with scandalous practices.

The general population in the United States who serve this nation are actually the ones suffering with the most “harmed” minds.

Ilhan Omar is a perfect example of a Congresswoman from Minnesota who has been charged with the most recent outrage for her scandals. 

Reported by americanconservativeherald:

It doesn’t take much observation to realize that the halls of political power are also home to some very corrupt people and practices. We should not allow that to blind us to those who truly are public servants. Yet the profound level of malfeasance and duplicity that lives within those government halls can be shocking.

Ilhan Omar is a Congresswoman from Minnesota who has been moving up in prominence within the Democratic party. Given her accomplishments, the last thing she and her party needed was a scandal. And they’ve got one.

Circumstances point to the possibility that she is married to more than one man, one of whom might be her brother whom she might have married for citizenship purposes. Not surprisingly, suspicion runs wild over the truth of these allegations. She claims to be “Trump’s nightmare.” It might turn out she will become her own and the Democrats’ “nightmare.”

“Pamela Gellar, the well-known expert on Islam and Muslim terrorists, reported, ‘Omar is a 35-year-old mother of three and is America’s first elected Somali representative. She was married in an Islamic ceremony in 2002 at the age of 19, but never officially filed a certification in any government office. In 2009 she married a man whom people have accused of being her brother for citizenship purposes (and is still legally married to), and finally reunited with her first ‘husband’ in 2011, who she is still with today.'”

If true, not only is Omar in violation of the law, but also is engaged in some very sick practices. It would seem that the concept of “marriage” has no meaning to her at all if these allegations prove accurate.

Here’s what we can learn from the leftist Minnesota Star-Tribune:

“Hennepin County records show Omar applied for a marriage license in 2002 but never used it. It was not immediately known whom she planned to marry. Seven years later, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in Eden Prairie, according to their marriage record. Elmi could not be reached for comment. Minnesota courts have no records of Omar and Elmi filing for divorce.

“Her campaign flatly denied that Elmi is her brother. It would only say that she and Ahmed Hirsi, who is pictured in campaign literature and is the father of their three children, are together and raising a family. The Star Tribune could not find records in Minnesota showing that the two ever married.”

The allegations take on more credibility with this information:

“Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann weighed in, saying, ‘Fraud, deceit, lies, corruption, cover-up, bigamy, immigration law violations, law breaking – all appear to be associated with the first Somali American winner of a Democratic primary in Minnesota. The newly discovered documents and witness testimony cry out for an investigation,’ according to WND.”

It looks like Omar has a distorted view of what marriage is all about and a lax attitude toward the laws of our country. And it is essential that an investigation be conducted to either clear her of these allegations or to have her charged with any number of crimes including bigamy and immigration fraud.

And the Democrats associated with her should start running for cover.

“Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann weighed in, saying, ‘Fraud, deceit, lies, corruption, cover-up, bigamy, immigration law violations, law breaking – all appear to be associated with the first Somali American winner of a Democratic primary in Minnesota. The newly discovered documents and witness testimony cry out for an investigation,’ according to WND.”

It looks like Omar has a distorted view of what marriage is all about and a lax attitude toward the laws of our country. And it is essential that an investigation be conducted to either clear her of these allegations or to have her charged with any number of crimes including bigamy and immigration fraud.

And the Democrats associated with her should start running for cover.

Trump Just Snuck Through Something Even Bigger Than Keystone Oil Pipeline And No One’s Noticed

While the media obsesses over finding ways to discredit our President, as always, he is busy getting the business of our great country done.

Through all the success pouring from the oval office on a daily basis, it is hard to find news that actually surprises us when it comes to this incredible man….but Trump has done it again. This time he is making Americans EXTRA proud as he approved an oil sand pipeline expansion that will move oil sand across the Canadian border.

This was allllll happening while the media was looking the other way….

But, boy, when they find out…!

Bravo Mr. President!

According to Alberta Energy, oil sand is a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay or other minerals, water and bitumen, which is a heavy and extremely viscous oil that must be treated before it can be used by refineries to produce usable fuels such as gasoline and diesel.  They also say that “Alberta’s oil sands have been described by Time Magazine as ‘Canada’s greatest buried energy treasure.'”

Learn about the importance of oil sands here:

(Courtesy of Your Alberta via

The pipeline expansion Trump approved, to access more of this energy treasure, is Enbridge Energy’s Line 67.  It will carry more oil than the  Keystone pipeline which environmentalists oppose.  Of course, they oppose Line 67 as well.

But, as that video describes, they are careful and concerned with the environment: less land disturbance, setting aside land for recreation, etc, unlike what the libs and “environmentalists” would have you believe.

Watch: Geraldo Confronts San Juan Mayor Who Said President Trump is ‘Killing’ Puerto Ricans- “I Don’t See People …”

Kirsters Baish| The San Juan Mayor has been allowing her personal hatred for President Trump get in the way of her efforts to help offer aid to the people of Puerto Rico. It’s time that she start reconsidering the way she operates. Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz has refused to participate in any and all FEMA meetings regarding aid to Puerto Rico during the recovery period following Hurricane Maria. She has time and time again accused President Trump and his administration of not properly helping the people of Puerto Rico. She has even made claims that the federal government is “killing” Puerto Ricans. This is a hefty statement coming from someone who has no evidence of such claims.

Recently, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera made his way to Puerto Rico and confronted Mayor Cruz about her bold statement that Puerto Rican are “dying” due to the “inefficiency and bureaucracy” of the Trump administration. He boldly challenged Cruz and asked, “But are people dying? I’ve been traveling around, I don’t see people dying. I spoke to the doctors, they say they saw 53 patients and they had a person who was septic, but nobody dying.”

Cruz shot back, “Dying is a continuum. If you don’t get fed for seven, eight days and you’re a child, you are dying. If you have 11 people like we took out of a nursing home, severely dehydrated, you are dying.”

This lady has to be kidding. She is skating around the truth to feed into her narrative that the Trump administration isn’t helping enough, when in reality they are doing everything they can. Obviously dying is a continuum. Everyone is dying every second that they are living. Luckily, Rivera wasn’t buying to Cruz’s ridiculous statement.

“The death count was 16 a week ago. It remains 16 today,” Rivera stated. “People are not dying.”

You can watch the video of Rivera’s interview with Cruz below:

The Daily Mail released an article on Sunday that completely backed up everything Rivera said during the interview. They wrote that a Puerto Rican woman who identified herself as a police officer alleged that Cruz and the Puerto Rican Governor, Ricardo Rossello, have been keeping supplies from being distributed to the people “in order to make for better photo opportunities.” The woman actually stated that the United States armed forces need to “come in and distribute the aid.”

The Daily Mail wrote about the alleged police officer’s allegations:

The woman – who did not provide proof of being a cop – said that she was calling from Guynabo, a municipality that borders San Juan. Supposedly speaking through an app that took an hour and a half to download, she claimed that supplies had been piling up since Hurricane Maria hit, but were not being distributed. ‘The mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute,’ she said, audibly upset. ‘We need… what us Puerto Ricans need is that the US armed forces come in and distribute the aid.’ She also demanded that they ‘stop Governor Rossello,’ adding ‘It’s an abuse, it looks like Communism, on our own island’ before breaking into tears.

While it isn’t 100% clear if Cruz’s statements and actions are motivated by her politics, it is highly likely. The Daily Caller also reported about Mayor Cruz’s ecstatic reaction when former President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of convicted Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera.
Below is a piece of the report from The Daily Caller:

Yulin Cruz added, “This great celebration is going to be in the streets and it is going to be extraordinarily large. So do come by starting Thursday to celebrate what our hearts scream for. Thanks, President Obama. Long live Oscar Lopez Rivera.”Lopez Rivera was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his involvement in the FALN, a Puerto Rican separatist group that was responsible for more than 100 bombings in the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out about what’s really going on in Puerto Rico. Mayor Cruz can’t hide behind her lies forever.

Disgusting: First It Was Sexual Misconduct Now Insanely Racist Video Of Kimmel Surfaces

Kirsters Baish| It goes without saying that black face make-up is 100 percent wrong. That’s why we don’t tolerate it in our society at all anymore. Anyone who tries to go against this social stigma is subject to being ridiculed and hated, justifiably so. Interestingly enough, Leftist comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who has built himself up to be the “nice guy,” isn’t as nice as Americans thought. After a video clip from “The Man Show” surfaced recently which showed Kimmel sexually assaulting attractive young women by asking them to feel what was in his pants, a new video has emerged that has Kimmel in more hot water. Not only is this guy on the line for sexual misconduct now, but he’s being accused of being racist.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, joined by David Alan Grier, two the worked to stop the “immoral discrimination against white people.” You’re reading that right. We can’t make this crap up.

“It all started back in the 1700s when black people took all the seats in the slave ships for themselves, leaving room for only a few white people up top. Then we black people have continued our discriminatory ways: we forced white people into all white neighborhoods and brutally caucasian public schools. Our police are so focused on serving us, they barely even pay attention to white people, and whites are discriminated against in major sectors of our economy, from the NBA to hip-hop to even Tyler Perry movies. It’s so bad that white people had no choice but to create their own all-white government — and they can’t get a damn thing done,”Grier stated. During the show, Grier also spoke directly to authorities, asking them to give white people of America a chance.

Unfortunately for the leftist comedian, Kimmel wrecked himself. He crossed a dangerous line when he decided to put on black face for a skit. Yup, the liberal Hollywood celebrity thought it was a good idea to pretend he was black and mock African Americans on television. This video clip is truly disgraceful. There is no excuse for Kimmel’s despicable actions.

Kimmel’s career seems to be going right down the tubes at this point. I’d like to see him try to talk his way out of this one. Americans deserve to know the truth about this man who claims to be such a great guy. I’m sure Kimmel is going to come up with some crazy lies to cover up how wrong he truly was for even doing the skit. Kimmel has made his mistakes, and now he’s going to have to lay in the grave that he’s dug for himself, because I can’t imagine him making his way back from this.

NFL BOYCOTT IN FULL FORCE: Empty Seats During Week 6 Show Just How Powerful It Is

The NFL players' protests are still in full force against the national anthem and President Donald Trump, however, fans have fired back at the league for not taking proper action, and as a result ticket sales have been declining fast.

The NFL used to be the most popular sports league in the country, but things are quickly changing thanks to the behavior of these professional athletes.

By kneeling during the national anthem, these players are trying to make themselves look like heroes. But NFL fans are outraged and have made it clear that they agree with President Trump.

We stand with the true Heroes, not a bunch of rich, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American brats.

According to ijr:

As more and more football players have protested during the national anthem and President Donald Trump has spoken out against them, fans have fired back at the National Football League for not taking action by boycotting, which has resulted in ticket sales plummeting.

Pictures of empty stadiums are the best way to see just how powerful the boycott truly is.






Lawsuit Forces FBI to reveal they just ‘Found’ Records Pertaining to the Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting

Federal Bureau of Investigations failed to properly investigate if they are just now ‘finding' records of this meeting that happened over a year ago.

More likely, the FBI pretends that their main priority is thorough investigating with the intent of nonpartisan fact finding, while in reality their main priority  is the high level coverups they deploy in order to protect the public image of top ranking political officials.

Durung the 2016 presidential election, campaign candidate Hillary Clinton, was under investigation from the FBI regarding her breach of national security protocols that ultimately resulted in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was also tasked with the job of sentencing Clinton's actions, so when a ‘chance meeting occurred between Lynch and Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac the American public cried collusion. The FBI claimed to have found no records pertaining to the nature of this ‘accidental' meeting until now after having a lawsuit filed have they decided to make the pathetic attempt to pretend they just now found evidence. What a bunch of BS!

Via Allen B West:

According to the Daily Caller,

“The FBI has found 30 pages of documents related to the June 2016 airport tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, even after the bureau claimed to not have any records related to the matter.

FBI lawyers revealed the existence of the records in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group.

The FBI had informed Judicial Watch last October that the bureau did not have any records related to the June 27, 2016 meeting between Clinton and Lynch. That encounter, which occurred on the tarmac at Phoenix’s airport, was significant because it took place while the Justice Department was investigating Hillary Clinton’s potential mishandling of classified information on her private email account.

Add that to the death of the pilot involved in the meeting and you have yourself solid grounds for a full on conspiracy theory.

Symone Sanders: White People Aren’t Allowed To Criticize NFL

Most people will agree that the NFL protests have gotten way out of hand. Even the owners who once supported their players protesting the national anthem have begun changing their tune after seeing recent reports on ratings taking a severe nosedive. The NFL has seen a steady decline in television ratings after multiple teams responded to Donald Trump’s comments that any player who decides to kneel should immediately be benched.

After the substantial rise in protests during week 3 many fans responded by taking to social media to record themselves burning their jerseys and swearing off the sport until a change came about. Now more people are recognizing that Donald Trump has once again made a positive change that is sure to anger liberals. Even Steven A. Smith an outspoken host for ESPN has gone on to say,

“He [Trump] is the one that’s winning because he’s turned this into something that the players didn’t intend to. So they’re going to have to find a different mechanism to have their voices heard because Trump has won this round.”

CNN has had plenty to say about the issue but a recent interview with Symone Sanders has taken the issue of the protests in a new direction claiming that white people have no right to criticize the anthem protests.

Not everything’s about race Symone

Sanders, appearing on, “CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield,” said to conservative pundit Ben Ferguson, “White people do not get to tell black folks or anybody else what is an acceptable form of protest.”

Ferguson responded, “Not everything’s about race Symone. Not everything is about race” to which she responded, “Maybe not for you is it, but for folks who are protesting police…the issue of police brutality is absolutely about race.”

The exchange got heated after Ferguson said, “You stand up and are one of those that are in charge of helping the military. You have a duty, an obligation to the President of the United States of America to leave a situation where people were basically giving the middle finger to the men and women who fought and protect this country.”

Sanders responded,

“That is false and you should be ashamed.”


This Mother Of 8 Thinks She Is Too “Hot” To Work..Bleeding Welfare Dry

One of the greatest moments of pride that I ever had in my entire life is when I got my first paycheck from my first job, it was the first time I had consistent work.

I was just about to turn sixteen and I got handed an envelope with my check inside. I tore the thing open, looked at the amount and a big smile came across my face. Nobody gave this to me, I had worked for it.

When mother of eight, Marie Buchan, looked in the mirror one day, she decided right then and there that she was “too beautiful” to get a real job. Instead, she wanted to continue getting the nearly $30,000 in welfare benefits from the British government. While most single parents work their butts off to provide a good life for their children, Buchan refuses to do a single ounce of work. And she believes she has a justifiable reason for her refusal to work.

Every day, when she gazes into the mirror, she reminds herself about how she is too good looking to get a job in her career field. And the British government seems to be supporting her decision because they keep sending her checks in the mail.

Although she reminds herself about her good looks every day, her chosen field of work – as an auto mechanic – would not be a good place for her to make money, she thinks. Not because the job is tough or requires long hours, but because she would is too attractive and they wouldn’t hire her because of it. Buchan has made the recent decision to get breast augmentation surgery. And her boyfriend plans to pay for the expensive procedure. And a “hot” auto mechanic would simply not fit in at the job.

Although taxpayers are not fronting the cash for the cosmetic surgery, it is still strange that a mother of eight on welfare is spending thousands of dollars on surgery when the money could be put to good use to help her children’s future.

The public seems to believe that she seems capable of getting a job and her so-called “good looks” are not stopping anyone from hiring her. Instead, she seems to just be scamming the British government benefit system. She wants to keep getting the $30,000 of “free” money from taxpayers. If she got a real job, her government benefits would inevitably go down – and Buchan simply would not want that to happen.

Instead, Buchan has decided to become an auto mechanic – something she is wholly unqualified of doing. But she is taking classes at a local college in the effort to eventually become a mechanic.

In the past, she also worked as a caretaker on the weekends but quit that job when she started growing her family. And that was just 16-hours of work each week. But now she loves having the extra time off to spend with her kids while the British taxpayers fund her lifestyle.

While the government and taxpayers fund her life, Buchan continues to be surprised at how difficult it is to raise eight children. They all range between two-years and 13-years old. And they all have the same father.

FEMA Admin Has Had ENOUGH Of San Juan Mayor’s Posturing And Gave Her Exactly What She Deserved

The mayor of San Juan reminds me a lot of a little kid that gripes about if we are there yet on a long car trip.

Even if you give someone a reasonable timetable for when something could possibly happen you are still going to have the odd person that complains.

Now, back to the comparison to tie why I think that the mayor of San Juan is off her head when it comes to timelines. When I move my family across country last year, we had a drive of about eleven hundred miles.

My son, who is about nine years old was going to get justifiably cranky at some point during the trip. So, in the buildup to the move I sat him down and showed him about how long the drive was going to take. I actually gave him a countdown timer when we started so he knew that we were going as fast as he thought we were supposed to be.

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico has been raising all sorts of hell regarding the Trump administration’s response to the island’s desperation after the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. For weeks now, it has been attack after attack after attack from Carmen Yulin Cruz, no matter what the President does.

With the many weeks of posturing, the media has gotten a hold of the mayor’s incessant messaging and questioned if the Trump administration is doing enough to help the victims of the storm.

Last Tuesday, the President visited Puerto Rico and assisted in handing out relief supplies. Now, he did start throwing out rolls of paper towels as if they were basketballs being shot into a hoop, so it looked a bit sloppy on form, but nonetheless there he was.

On Sunday, she unleashed a tweet storm directed at several high-profile media people in the hopes of getting more attention.

With the constant stream of criticism regarding the response, it was only a matter of time before the FEMA Administrator was asked about the San Juan Mayor. And when he was, he really smacked her down.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Brock Long stated in an interview that he didn’t have time to deal with the mayor, and that his office had enough of her.

“We filtered out the mayor a long time ago, we don’t have time for the political noise.”

“The bottom line is that we are making progress every day in conjunction with the governor.”

Part of the issue down in PR is the fact that the weather is rather volatile. Thunderstorms often come and erase progress already completed, and that work has to be redone. One of the major issues Puerto Rico now needs to face is reconstructing the power grid.

Luckily for the people of Puerto Rico, Elon Musk has offered to assist in rebuilding the power grid using solar technology. Now, the question I have on that issue is how much in taxpayer money is going to be used to subsidize the project, and who will be on the hook if anything fails catastrophically like many solar initiatives have.

For the time being, though, the cleanup remains a long and difficult process. The last thing that is needed here is “The Resistance” trying to score points on the backs of those suffering from the hurricane. The San Juan mayor seems to fall into that category, and FEMA has chosen to just ignore such despicable posturing while important work needs to be done.

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