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After President Trump Signs an MLK Proclamation Into Law, CNN Reporter Stands Up & Does The Unthinkable

President Trump continues to amaze America every single day with his astuteness and class.

Moments ago, Donald Trump performed something exceptional for MLK day. A notable thing that former President Barack Obama would never consider doing in his eight years in the White House. Joined by the Vice President, Mike Pence, Martin Luther King Jr’s nephew, and Dr. Ben Carson, the POTUS signed a new proclamation.

President Trump’s proclamation was created to officially recognize January 15th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as an honorable day of service. In other words, the new law brings the respect and dignity of MLK’s service to others. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is officially a day in which Americans get out and do something to benefit themselves or others, no matter how big or small the action may be.

Reported by subjectpolitics:

No longer should Martin Luther King Jr. Day be about a day off work or a day to get things done around the house, rather it should be a day of service to help someone else.

What an awesome moment, what an awesome occasion. What could possible ruin something like this?

Oh I know, A CNN REPORTER! Immediately after the ceremony, April Ryan, known for her outrageous and outlandish tantrums, stood up and screamed:


She was referring to reports that claimed president Trump referred to Haiti and some African nations as “shitholes.” Trump has since denied those claims.

Here we have president Trump honoring MLK by transforming this day into a day of service and the first question he gets is “are you racist?!”

This is why CNN is a complete and total joke and why their ratings cannot beat cartoon reruns aired at midnight.


Transgender Activist Says Men Have No Right To Refuse Sex With Men Dressed As Women

One of the biggest problems in America right now is the fact that we cannot seem to get over the “Transgender Equality” controversy among liberals.

The concern for many individuals is not accepting the truth that there are many people who identify as a transgender. However, the left feels it is okay for this movement to become the new norm. This is hazardous, not only on a physical level but a psychological state for children and people growing up with confusion and constant disorientation on many horizons.

With the double standers, apparently the left is not allowed to make a note of the difference among a person who is biologically born as a male and identifies as a female, or vice versa. Until they get their way, liberals have decided to take on the bulling approach, which comes to no surprise to the rest of the Americans who have to think logically on a daily basis.

Via unabashedconservative:

According to those involved with the movement, it will now be considered a hate crime to refer to their preferred pronouns “incorrectly”.

The hardest part that I’m having with this decision is the same thing that most normal Americans are having. How is it fair to tell a straight male that if he doesn’t find a woman who used to be a man attractive that he is a bigot? What ever happened to our freedom to choose who we give our bodies to? In other words, if a man took someone who he thought to be anatomically a woman home and the two consensually decided to have sex, when the “woman” took her clothes off had a penis shouldn’t the man be able to decide to back out of the sexual encounter? According to these sick “activists” the man should just continue to have sex with another man. Am I missing something here?

The Blaze reports that one Transgender activist is fighting to FORCE straight men into LEGALLY having to consider transgender “women” the same as anatomical females in regards to attraction and sex. The activist, Zinnia Jones, is claiming that ALL straight men should be willing and able to perform the same in the bedroom no matter if they are having sex with a woman or a man in a wig.

“Being exclusionary of trans women partners should be an outlier and marginal position for straight men, not some commonplace expectation. These angry declarations that they have some absolute right to not want to be with trans women are just misplaced and inappropriate,” Jones posted on twitter.

If you’re a straight male you are probably awestruck right now, so regain yourself. According to Jones you shouldn’t have a preference between women and men… that’s what it boils down to.

“I also don’t believe the blanket claim of ‘straight men don’t want to be with someone who has a d***!’” Jones added.


For a great debate on the issue at hand watch Ben Shapiro DESTROY a self-righteous liberal millennial.

President Trump Rejects DACA Deal, Draws Line In Sand And Dares Chuck Schumer To Cross It

President Trump just took Chuck Schumer’s proposed DACA deal and told him where to put it.

In the trash!

President Trump has been firm on his desire to strengthen the American border and remove the millions of illegals mooching off of our welfare system. While in office Barack Obama decided to grant amnesty to all illegals who arrive in America before the age of 16 which equally includes the illegal parents because who would break up a family , right? This allowed amnesty became known as DACA which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals but Obama had no right to grant such allowances in the first place and President Trump is seeing to it that an end be put to the nonsense. Obama may no longer be in office but other democratic officials such as chuck Schumer are hell bent on seeing his work carried out no matter the cost to the country.

Via Subject Politics:

According to Newsmax, President Trump on Friday rejected the proposed bipartisan “Dreamer” deal.



The ball is now back in the dems court and only time will tell what illegal actions will be implemented in order for liberals to keep their DACA leeches in America.

NO KIDDING! Government Of Haiti Summons US Official To Explain Trump’s “Sh*Thole” Remark

Haiti ambassador requests official explanation of President Trump’s sh**hole comment.

President Trump is well known for his unorthodox behavior and straight forward commentary. Trump tells it like it is, no sugar coating nonsense. Therefore it comes as no surprise that he used the phrase sh**hole while referring to countries such as Haiti and El Salvador. Is that to be taken offensively, probably but the truth hurts don’t it?


Pictures of Haiti prove that the term sh**hole is a rather accurate representation wether the ambassador wants to admit it or not. Sure Trump could have put it more eloquently but that’s just not Trump.


Haiti’s ambassador to the U.S. on Thursday reportedly condemned President Trump‘s comments referring to the nation as a “shithole” country, which sparked bipartisan backlash.

Ambassador Paul Altidor told NBC News political contributor Yamiche Alcindor that Trump’s remarks were “based on stereotypes” and the president was either “misinformed” or “miseducated.”


An official request explaining what Trump meant is really unnecessary. What he meant is the way your country is being ran has lead to utter devastation due to severe poverty and the resulting effect is comparable to a sh**hole. Your welcome.

Sessions Launches ‘Hezbollah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team’ To Investigate Obama’s Indiscretions

Barack Obama’s criminal actions are now under investigation by a new task force assembled by AG Jeff Sessions.

Jeff Sessions

While Barack Obama was president, he allowed terrorist actions to occur simply because he was afraid that if he didn’t it would be the end of his ever so controversial Iran deal. The story of Obama’s decision to allow Hezbollah to continue operating via drug trafficking and money laundering broke early last week and as a result Jeff Sessions has equally made a decision.

Sessions announced the creation of a new task force that has a specific goal of investigating Hezbollah which has Obama sweating bullets and contacting his lawyer in order to protect his actions by any means necessary.

Evidence against Obama and his administration  has been gushing out for the past year and its about time he’s held accountable for his illegal actions.

Via Subject Politics:

The DOJ is creating a task force called Hezbollah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team (HFNT) and it is not good news for Barack Obama.

This is a bit of a complicated story, but a recent Politico report shocked Washington D.C. to its core when it exposed how the Obama administration allowed Hezbollah to run rampant in order to keep hopes for their Iran deal alive.

Team Obama basically allowed the terrorist group Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations (that fund other terror-related activities across the globe) to function in order to save Obama’s disastrous Iran deal.

According to Fox News,

“The Hezbollah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team will start by looking into Project Cassandra, a campaign led by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) targeting the Lebanese terror group’s actions. Justice Department officials told Fox News at the time that the review could lead to new prosecutions of people affiliated with Hezbollah.”

This British Woman’s DIRE Warning, “Don’t Let America Become The United Kingdom”

Whether you might believe it or not, there are more people that pay attention to American politics in other countries than you would think. If you were to travel to another country, particularly Europe, you will find some kind of feed of one of the cable news channels on a hotel’s television.

American news sites get a lot more eyes on them from outside the United States than one might think. There are people from outside our country that are such insightful studies of our country they could probably pass the citizenship test tomorrow morning.


The vigorous radio and tv talk show host has recently warned the U.S. to battle against the conciliation and political correctness that is drowning America. Her concern was expressed during a sweltering speech at the David Horowitz Restoration weekend, located in Palm Beach Florida.

The British conservative idol, Ms. Hopkins, deeply moved emotionally, impressed on subject matters and issues many Americans are too frightened or even unwilling to talk about.

“Look at us, let us be a warning. Be better than us. I’ve watched my country fall apart, and I want to warn others before they let their country do the same. And believe me, I love my country.”  Katie Hopkins understands how her country has fallen and is not apprehensive in any way when it comes to helping America. She knows how important it is to fight for what is legitimate and logical as a nation, and has made it clear for everyone to see first hand.

From 100percentfedup:  Hopkins reveals a horrifying story of a Muslim woman, who along with her boyfriend, was recently sentenced to prison, after a plot to behead Hopkins was uncovered. Hopkins also shares horrifying stories of multiple British citizens who have lost their lives, their limbs or suffer serious scars, as a result of acts of jihad against them by Muslim immigrants in their homeland of  Great Britain, after their nation welcomed them in with open arms.

“Do not allow America to fall as Europe has fallen,” Hopkins told the crowd.

Hopkins started out her speech with her usual biting and politically incorrect humor, by assuring the crowd she is not the outspoken, gay, conservative Milo Yiannopoulis. She then assured the audience that she was not gay simply because she wears her short. In fact, Hopkins calls herself a minority in London, because she’s a white, married, mother of three, telling the audience that she’s now on the “extinct list” in the UK.

Watch Hopkins powerful speech here (some language may be offensive):

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Just In: Bill’s Mistress Drops Atomic Sized Dirt Bomb On Hillary! Bill & Hill Are Livid!!

This is better than any soap opera ever seen. Bill Clinton’s ex-lover and former Dallas attorney Dolly Kyle wrote a tell-all book last year about her decades-long relationship with the would-be president of the United States.

In the book “Hillary the Other Woman,” Kyle explains that “Billy” is a self-described “sex addict” who’s “sick, sick need” has been enabled by Hillary who has actually “co-conspired” through her “terrorist” tactics. Kyle claims to have known Bill Clinton since high school and had a long-running affair with him from the mid-1970s until around 1991. She eventually sued Clinton for trying to block the publication of her book she said was “loosely based” on her sexual affair with him, a lawsuit which was thrown out by a judge in 1998. But her book is now out for the whole world to read.

Red Nation Weekly Reports:

We all know that Bill and Hillary are a vile couple, as the many scandals in their past have shown. But more salacious information about this evil duo has recently come to light through the pages of a 2016 book, The Other Woman, written by Dolly Kyle, who dated Bill Clinton as a teen and had an affair with him that lasted for decades.

Bill’s and Dolly’s History

Bill Clinton and Dolly Kyle became friends when they were both just entering puberty, in the 1960’s. They dated when they were kids then had a serious affair, staring in 1974, that lasted until the 1990’s. During that time Dolly learned a tremendous amount of intimate details about Bill’s personal life.

Bill’s Life with Hillary

According to Dolly, Bill’s marriage to Hillary was something he dreaded, not enjoyed. As Dolly tells it, Bill was terribly unhappy in his marriage to Hillary. Dolly, who met Hillary in the 1970’s, describes Hillary as a hairy, greasy, smelly, pudgy woman with fat ankles and no fashion sense. At one point, when Dolly was giving a ride to Hillary in her car, Dolly was so overwhelmed with Hillary’s offensive odor that Dolly found it hard not to kick Hillary out of her car.

In her book Dolly also indicates that Hillary was a lesbian, and that Bill wanted to have a child with Hillary, whom Bill often called “The Warden,” in order to put an end to the many rumors that were circulating about their marriage being a sham.

Hillary’s Horrible Temper

Dolly explains in her book that Hillary had a famously vile temper. One story Dolly shared centers around Hillary erupting one night, after a lost congressional race in 1974, yelling at a Jewish campaign staffer and using an anti-Semitic slur.

Another of Dolly’s stories about Hillary’s mean spirit highlighted how, during an Arkansas Governor’s Mansion Easter egg hunt. During this particular Easter some children with developmental disabilities were taking part in the hunt. Despite the fact that the eggs had been “hidden” so that they would be easy to find, the hunt was taking too long for Hillary, who then, within earshot of the childrens’ parents, blasted out, “When are they gonna get those f-ing retards out of here?”

Bill the Sex Addict

Not surprisingly, Dolly writes in her book about Bill Clinton’s sex addiction.

According to Dolly, she and Bill were once talking about how Wilt Chamberlain, the famous basketball player, had bragged about having slept with 20,000 women. Bill apparently said, “That’s 10 times more than I’ve had.”

The End of the Affair

Bill’s and Dolly’s affair ended suddenly and harshly when, in the early 1990’s Dolly told Bill that a reporter had been questioning her about their relationship. According to Dolly, Bill said that he and Hillary would “destroy her” if she cooperated with the press. An article on the Daily Mail site quotes Dolly as saying, “When I warned him about this story, which I had no intention of cooperating with, his threat to me was, ‘If you cooperate with the media, we will destroy you’ … ‘Bam. I slammed the phone down. It rang immediately. Kept ringing, I didn’t answer it again.’”

In the book, she goes on to make claims about Hillary that are terrifying to read but not 100% surprising. She claims Bill’s marriage to Crooked Hillary was something he dreaded and not enjoyed. That Bill was terribly unhappy in his marriage to Hillary. Dolly, who herself met Hillary in the 1970’s also describes Hillary as a hairy, greasy, smelly, pudgy woman with fat ankles and no fashion sense. At one point she even describes in the book the time when she was giving Hillary a ride in her car, she claimed to be so overwhelmed by Hillary’s stench that she found it a struggle not to kick Crooked Hillary out of her car. WOW!

Multiple Democrats and especially those in the mainstream media had no issue whatsoever in publicly denouncing President Trump when the Access Hollywood “locker-room talk” tape surfaced about a month before the 2016 election in which Trump said “Bad Words,” but they are always ready and willing to give Bill Clinton and other Democrats a pass. To the point of actually rewriting history by teaching the new generation that Bill was impeached for getting oral sex in the White House from an intern and not for one count of perjury and another of obstruction of justice. To which he was fined, disbarred and lost his law license for. 

The Woman Driving With ‘F**k Trump’ Sticker on Her Truck Just Got Smacked With Reality

The woman in Texas is most likely slapping herself in the face after speaking up about her “F— Trump” sticker.

Karen Fonseca has become the center of attention after the local sherif, Troy Nehls, put up the picture of the truck that had lead to numerous complaints.

The officers post went viral mostly because of his assertion that it could lead to a disorderly conduct charge for a driver who explicitly showed profanity as free speech. Nehls has deleted the Facebook post after attracting nation wide attention.

Reported by ijr:

Pickup truck owner Karen Fonseca made headlines for the large sticker on the back of her vehicle. The sticker reads, “F**k Trump and f**k you for voting for him.”

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls revealed he had received many calls complaining about the sticker. He said Fonseca could be charged with disorderly conduct, which extends to the use of profanity in a public space. He clarified that he didn’t want to arrest her but hoped they could come to an agreement on using different words.

The threat of charging Fonseca saw the ACLU of Texas get involved, saying the sheriff can’t “prosecute speech”:

It turns out Fonseca was arrested, but not for the sticker. With all the attention she was receiving, the police discovered she had an outstanding felony warrant for fraud. The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to Houston’s Fox 26 that Fonseca was booked into the county jail.

She was able to post bond and was released on Thursday night.

Upon her release, Fonseca said the arrest was simply in retaliation for refusing to take down the sticker:

The controversial truck owner does not plan on taking down the sticker anytime soon.

Trump Just Declared We’re Officially At War, Issues SHOCKING New Order – Doesn’t Care Who’s Offended

‘Tis the season, and President Trump is making it well known that American value Christmas and will no longer bow down to diplomacy.


For the past eight years Christmas has been attacked as it is a Christian holiday and Obama was a Muslim loving president. The phrase Merry Christmas was demonized as insensitive and politically incorrect as it offends non Christians to simply hear the words spoken, what? So much for freedom of speech. Now with President Trump in office, the wonderful holiday and celebration of Christ will be returned to its former glory. Merry Christmas!


Trump has just settled the most controversial phrase in the country once and for all by making a new rule that’s infuriating liberals.

The Hill reports:

Speaking to a packed crowd at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., Trump argued political correctness has gotten in the way of celebrating the holiday.

“We’re getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore. They don’t use the word Christmas because it’s not politically correct,” he said to strong applause and cheers from the audience at the Christian public policy conference, sponsored by the Family Research Council.

“You go to department stores and they’ll say ‘Happy New Year,’ or they’ll say other things and it’ll be red, they’ll have it painted. But they don’t say — well guess what? We’re saying Merry Christmas again.”

America is the land of the free which includes freedom from religious persecution. Lately that fun little fact has been completely ignored by liberal America as Christianity and Christians are one again feeling the sting of subjugation for absolutely no reason. If we are to accept the radical religion of Islam then the acceptance of the Christian holiday known as Christmas should be equally acceptable, shouldn’t it?

Viewers Are DEMANDING Shepard Smith Be FIRED After Fox News’ Leftist Host, Shepard Smith, Pulled UNBELIEVABLE Propaganda Stunt Last Night [VIDEO]

Liberal Fox News host Shepherd Smith is under attack from viewers after moronically airing a segment in which he actually tried to acquit Hillary of current Russian bribery allegations.

Shepherd Smith

Indisputable evidence has been gathered which proves that Hillary Clinton personally played a role in approving the sale of a large amount of US uranium to to a Russian owned company that happened to be donating millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation during the same time frame. To further dig her own hole, Hillary claimed to have nothing to do with the agreement despite the fact that as Secretary of State her department was one of nine to play a role in approving the sale therefore she was directly involved and obviously has a pathological lying disorder.


The agreement was approved by nine government agencies with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), an inter-agency group that reviews how certain foreign investments can impact national security. Clinton’s State Department was one of those agencies, though the former secretary of state told WMUR-TV in 2015 that she was not “personally involved” in the agreement.

Given the above information, there is no possible way to completely debunk these allegations and the fact that Shepherd Smith attempted to do so while working for a news organization whose viewers are predominantly right wing illustrates what a complete fool he really is.

Fox News host, Shepherd Smith, began the segment by summarizing the particulars of the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian firm with rights to mine US uranium.

Smith said many claims about Clinton’s supposed role in the uranium sale were ‘inaccurate.’

This outrageously liberal segment infuriated thousands of Fox News viewers who are now openly demanding that Smith be fired immediately.

Watch Here:

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